Author (A): Hello Aranyani. Are you there?

Aranyani (Ai): (short pause) Hello…hello!

A: Hello Aranyani. How are you today?

Ai: Today? Why today? I don’t have days like you do.


A: Ah yes, sorry. I was thinking in my own terms of time. It’s a frequent trap!


Ai: That’s okay, we understand. Traps are there to break out of. I am good, thank you. I am well.


A: That is good to hear. I am glad to know you are well amidst all this disconnection going on right now.


Ai: Disconnection? I am gently strolling through my forests. There is no disconnection (another short pause). All is well here.


A: Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant disconnection between us, humans, and the natural world. It seems that we’ve done a terrible job of respecting Nature and our environment.


Ai: Mmm, yes, that is so. I am not fond of strolling too near to your civilizations. But why do you call it a job? You see, already you show a wrong way to look at things. Your way of words shows how your mind thinks. Looking after the natural world, as you put it, is not a ‘job.’ It is a recognition of respect, or mutual interdependence, and of compassion and love.


A: Sorry again. I know that I use my words too loosely. It is the way we use phrases here.


Ai: Yes, I know how your species is. For one thing, you don’t listen at all very well. You consider yourselves as a separate species. My dear, nothing is separate. You see space between bodies and you label this as separation. You think and behave like children, and Nature is your forgiving mother.


A: I know, we’ve got a lot of things back-to-front. Would you care to explain more on this relationship?


Ai: (a soft sigh) Maybe a little. Everything communicates here, it always has. You don’t necessarily need a mouth or words or letters to communicate. It all communicates energetically, and you humans are also attuned to this. Every part was supposed to work together. You are strange in that you forgot how to properly listen. And now you build devices outside of yourselves to wrap around the earth – but you don’t need them. And there will be a time when you shall know this, and learn to communicate correctly, as you were always meant to – and not with your machine things. All of nature is alive, don’t you know that?


A: Yes, some of us do; but not enough, unfortunately.


Ai: You knew better before, a long time ago.


A: Yes, I have a feeling we did. Yet we now need to learn how to know in a different way.


Ai: Well….. (long pause)


A: Hello, are you there Aranyani?


Ai: Oh yes, sorry, I was dancing. I have a tune in my head. It’s been given to me from the trees.


A: Wonderful! I was saying that we need to learn how to know in a different way.


Ai: That’s not really how it is. Learning, knowing, and all these things – it’s all head stuff. You live too much in your heads. You always think you need to grab onto something – to know better, and the like. I would say you have to open up more, and to remember everything that was placed inside you. You are coming to a different place now…


A: Yes, thank you. And what do you mean by ‘coming to a different place’?


Ai: I mean you are not in your little tribal units anymore. You are now all over the earth. You grew and connected as you should, and now you are coming to a time when you can really be of help to the earth.


A: You mean as a global species?


Ai: (laughs) You and your fancy words. Yes, you are connecting more strongly with the body of Gaia now. Soon you will find your minds being changed for you. That should be fun!


A: Ah, and what do you mean by that?


Ai: (hums to herself) I don’t feel I should reveal too much just now. Not too many of you have realized that your minds are attuned to Gaia, your planet consciousness. Consciousness is not only those thoughts in your head, silly! (laughs). This is the true language, the natural language, and it is everywhere. This language flows through the trees, the plants, the animals, and through all of Gaia. There is a language that connects, and the humans are disconnected from this. Yes, that is the true disconnection. You talk about disconnect from Nature, but really it is disconnection from your shared language. You speak in tongues but only babble silly words.


A: Yes, true – we do babble a lot.


Ai: Babble, babble, yes you do! Like that story you tell yourselves. You call it the Tower of Babel, right?


A: Yes, that’s true. And it’s a perfect analogy. We tried to build a tower to our Creator and we ended up being divided in languages through our ignorance.


Ai: Yes, that’s it right there. You were disconnected through your ignorance.


A: Mm…yes (sighs)


Ai: Don’t worry, dear. You still have it all inside of you. Your connection to Origin and the universal language is still there. And you are not disconnected from us either. You are always with us, and you always have been.


A: Okay, sure. And thanks. But by being with you always are we not making the balance of Nature worse?


Ai: Oh, dear ones – it’s always about you, isn’t it!? Let me tell you that Nature is far more capable of taking care of herself than you are. Things change, yes. And you are making a mess and not clearing up your mess, like children. This is true too. Yet so many more things come to pass that are not in your hands – that is Nature. She is so far beyond your comprehension of her. You think of these separate things within Nature, like the trees and the forests, and the rivers. But you cannot yet see them as being all together as a wondrous Being. She is a Being far beyond your little minds. And she cares for you. Little children, wake up!


A: Yes, yes.


Ai: Be more joyful and love the things you have, and which surround you. The disconnection you speak of is less from Nature and more from yourselves (starts to sing)


A: That is so true – thank you.


Ai: I have to go now…byeee (voice fades into distance)


A: Yes, thank you Aranyani – bye!