Author (A): Hello Sia

Sia (S): Hey.

A: Thanks for showing up – much appreciated.

S: No worries. We’re always around anyway, in one form or another. Anything on your mind?

A: Yes, I was thinking about how life is right now – as I always am! And I was thinking that life is quite a ride at the moment – don’t you think?

S: What do you mean?

A: Well, it just seems as if we’ve entered upon some kind of reality rollercoaster in recent years. And it’s not clear if anyone is in control of the program.

S: Nice analogy; but aren’t you over-reacting?

A: That’s just it – everything seems to be in over-reaction mode right now. Is this how things are meant to be?

S: Mm, yeah. I see what you mean. Of course, it’s very much a matter of perception too.

A: I had a feeling you might say that.

S: Then you were right. But I was going to say it all the same. I say it as it’s true. Perception is everything. When you can see the truth clearly then the choices become obvious.

A: And is it possible to see the truth, as you say?

S: Possible, but not easy. Truths are one of the first casualties in your reality. I believe you have a saying; something like the first casualty of war is truth? Well, that’s quite apt.

A: Yes, we do. And, ironically, that is a truth. We can also say nowadays that the first casualty of news is truth! Yet why do you say it’s apt?

S: I say that because in some ways you are involved in a war right now – a war for which type of reality you will collectively share as a species. Your reality has always been based upon how you see it, naturally. I’m not saying anything new by telling you that you exist within a perception-based reality. The question is how you choose to perceive, and this can be a matter of self-training or of external influences. This is the battle that has always been waged. Historically this was easier as mythologies were readily accepted by the masses. In your times now, it appears that there is a lot more confusion over which stories are more believed and accepted. Or perhaps I shouldn’t call them stories, as this word has too light a meaning for you. Maybe we should stick with belief systems and social narratives. Perceptions are being manipulated in your times to a very high degree. It is confusing many of you.

A: Tell me about it! It feels more and more as if we are in a form of hyperreality where the distinction between what is real and what is false is blurred. Is that not so?

S: I’m inclined to agree, for the moment. No reality at your level is ever fixed. We may refer to them as sub-realities for now. Since you are shifting through Ages, from one stage of your civilization to another, there is a great amount of flux and disturbance. There is also a great amount of energy coming in and playing a degree of havoc with life on your planet at the moment.

A: A great amount of energy? That sounds ominous.

S: (gentle laugh). Well, it depends on your perception and perspective, of course. I don’t really know how you would define ‘ominous.’ In your human form you tend to see all things as either one or the other. Nuances are not your strong point. Anyway, perhaps I should talk about this energy a little?

A: Yes, please do.

S: Okay. The energy is necessary for where things are going. In what may appear paradoxical to you, from your perspective, this energy is both disruptive and stabilizing.

A: Yes, I’ve heard something similar to this. But could you clarify more?

S: Yes, I will clarify. Imagine you pull the plug out of your bath in order to release the bathwater. There is a build-up of energy around your plughole as all the water attempts to get released. This build-up creates what seems like a vortex around the hole, no?

A: Yes, I know what you mean.

S: Well, this vortex is a stabilizing form that serves to hold the pressure of the water, the energy, whilst it finds release and moves on to another form, or another use. Similarly, there is a great amount of energy upon your planet right now that is being used to assist the transformation between Ages. It is both disruptive as well as being similar to a vortex and holding the energy. This formation of energy across your planet has the effect of seeming to accelerate events, such as time. This acceleration you have already alluded to as what you call ‘hyperreality.’

A: Ah, I think I understand now. And so, this hyperreality phase will pass once the old energy has been released – out of the bath, so to speak – and a new energy has entered.

S: Correct. From your perspective this form of hyperreality is an existing and real phenomenon. Yet from my perception it is a brief moment within a larger span of time, which is necessary for the forward momentum of life and development upon your planet. Perception gives us a distinction between seeing something as a chaotic, rushing energy; or as a dynamic but stable concentration of energy. Your reality structures are trying to accommodate these energetic fluxes.

A: Thank you, Sia; that’s helped a lot. And do you think our reality structures will also shift?

S: Of course. Reality structures is perhaps not the best term to use here. Again, I find myself limited by a constrictive vocabulary. By structures I mean arrangements. A reality – your reality – is an arrangement. These are energetic arrangements that correspond to different scales of perception. What you are able to perceive right now from your planetary perspective is quite dense. Your planet’s vibration, and hence your reality, operates upon a lower plane. This will change as events pass. New forms and arrangements will come into being in accordance with different energetic correspondences. Am I making sense?

 A: Yes, please go on.

S: Only to say that all forms of reality are in movement and are all-inclusive.

A: All inclusive?

S: Yes. You participate within them. You are within the bubble as it moves and shifts, so to say.

A: And can we ever see out of this ‘reality bubble’?

S: Well, yes. This has been the objective of many of your wisdom paths for centuries. There are many traditions that teach and train for this. But that is another story. You also have images and renditions of this in your creative arts.

A: Well do?

S: (laughs). Yes, you do. But you will have to look for them. That’s your homework – if you want it!

A: Yes, I know. You cannot give us everything on a plate.

S: Certainly not. Where would the learning be? Where would the fun be?

A: Indeed. So instead of going down the rabbit hole, to quote a popular phrase, we are going down the vortex of a plughole?

S: (pause). I’m not sure I totally resonate with that phrase. But I think I receive the general meaning inherent within it. You do use odd phraseology at times. It is awkward, but also somewhat amusing.

A: I’m sure it is!

S: Well, I wished to say that you are moving through what you may refer to as an energized vortex. And this will affect the nature of your sensory perceptions, although more so in the long term. Think of it all as a journey of discovery, and nothing is static.

A: I think it was an ancient Greek philosopher who said that All is flux.

S: Maybe. Although many systems of Greek learning came through from the Egyptian schools. But that is another story, as you say. Well, that’s it for now.

A: Thank you, Sia.

S: No problem. And don’t forget to hold on – you will get through it! Bye.

A: Bye.