Many of us are now realizing that this experience we call life, or what we know to be our life, is not an even playing field. It may take a person years to come to the realization that, in some way, the game of life is rigged. We always like to think that we know what’s going on, even when we have the niggling suspicion that we don’t. Life is a game of participation and players. And at various stages, a particular view, or perception, of life and reality is supported and promoted over and above any alternatives. And this chosen central narrative is made to seem reasonable to us, even when, upon closer examination, it is not. Everything we are told may appear reasonable initially because it is modelled, or programmed, to fit a very specific reality model. If our perceptions of reality were to shift, just a little, then we would see (or rather, perceive) that these current patterns of thinking are completely skewed. Yet the main consensus narrative story – or reality model – that we adhere to keeps this skewed vision as a seemingly straight line. Most of the time we are unable to see, or we fail to see, the fundamental wrongness that lies at the heart of the main narrative. And this is the Inversion.

Of course, there have been people who from time to time attempted to point out these discrepancies. Many of them were ridiculed, persecuted, ostracized, or worse (and anything in-between). It would be fair to say that much of what passes for the mainstream dominant narrative – the human story – is an inversion. It can be said that the story we cling to is somehow topsy-turvy, or upside down. And from this topsy-turvy position it is very difficult to see things as they are, the right way up. The double disadvantage here is that the dreamer is not only dreaming within various levels but is also viewing the dream from the wrong side up. The act of dreaming is also inverted. Naturally, from this viewpoint it is hard to know what is right and wrong, or up or down. And it is very difficult to see the nature of this dreaming inversion precisely because it is propagated as ‘normality.’ We don’t know what we don’t know. What we do know, however, is what we are told to know. And that is the nature of the dream conditioning. Further, the inverted bandwidth in which we tend to exist within is a tiny band of possibility. Anything beyond those restricted bands is categorized and marked as abnormal, or paranormal (meaning, beyond normal). What is in fact regarded as ‘normal’ is an extremely limiting range of the programmed story. And this normalcy is often then validated and generated by a person’s own internal narrative. When the line between the thought itself and what is doing the thinking is erased, or blurred, then we come to believe that we are our thoughts. The first step to be taken is to recognize, and accept, that our experience of life is itself part of a larger collective narrative as much as it is part of one’s individual story.

The larger collective story – that is, human history – is constructed from fragments that are collated and framed together. It is a mosaic that is attempting to be a whole, integrated picture. And yet, in order to fit the fragments together there are filters that function to place these pieces into a pre-arranged narrative. What is being put together by the grand notion of history is a work of fiction that is injected with enough fragments of facts to make the conditioned perspectives of the chroniclers seem plausible.  Within this grand scheme of history lies the lesser groupings of cultural identities that bind us within further levels of the collective dreaming. The cultural story is yet another narrative fitted into the already narrow bandwidth of our perceptual dream story.

Human history has long been a history of the power of the collective story narrative to hold individual minds captive – or captivated. And from this has arisen the great deception – the Inversion of a lesser reality.

And so – what are you going to do about it … ?


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