Rise of the Heretics

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‘If humanity is to survive, a radical transformation of human nature is indispensable.’  Sri Aurobindo The time of the heretic has now arrived. It is the heretic of consciousness that represents the figure of resistance against consensus and controlled thinking. The ‘real heretic’ preserves the advantage and enchantment of the outsider. And what is this [...]

Questions of our Time 10 – Can we Find our Way Back Home?

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 If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick all your life.  Leonard Cohen It is said that, overall, the individual tends to be unhappy not because of what they know but because of what they don’t know. In other words, we need to remember – to reconnect. Humanity has long been in an [...]

Questions of our Time 9 – Can we Finally Heal our Collective Trauma?

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‘A painted bird of paradise in a cage’ Aurobindo Why are so many things going on in the world right now that are detrimental to our own well-being? It appears self-evident that there is something fundamentally wrong with how the world is – in so many ways and upon so many levels. We are [...]

Questions of our Time 8 – Can we Now Continue our Human Evolution?

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Can we Now Continue our Human Evolution?   The earth is not going through a moral crisis, but through an “evolutionary crisis.” We are not moving toward a better world…we are in the middle of a MUTATION toward a radically different world…Unknown to ourselves, we are in search of the new being; we are [...]

Questions of our Time 7 – An Opportunity to Find our Quiet Awareness?

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An Opportunity to Find our Quiet Awareness?   An appropriate way to open this short essay is with a quote from a poem. In this case, an extract from Rudyard Kipling’s If – If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust [...]

Consensus Reality Meltdown 4 – The Reset Button

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The Reset Button   ‘We are dreaming a symbolic world, only briefly waking to what is real’ Arthur Deikman   We thought our reality was stable – a linear progression of events that had order and logic. Most people in modern societies were born into conditions of stability and security that created bubbles of contentment [...]

Consensus Reality Meltdown 3 – Self-Fulfilling Memes

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It is time to acknowledge that the bubble of perception that forms one’s reality is not a solid structure. It is fluid and continuously shifting, readapting, and, from time to time, it wobbles. The information and inputs we receive, and process, affects our sense of reality. Recently, this consensus reality bubble that most people [...]

Consensus Reality Meltdown 2 – The Erosion of Perception

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The Erosion of Perception   ‘Not the body but the soul becomes the subject of techno-social domination.’ Franco Berardi Modern technological societies are creeping more and more into a form of abstraction. This has been officially labelled as the ‘erosion of the collective perception of objective facts.’ I call it the continuation of the [...]

Year Ahead 2020: A Consensus Reality Meltdown (CRM)

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The year ahead into 2020 will continue a process that has already begun and which we are seeing unfolding around us across the globe. Many of us are asking - is reality broken? It almost seems so. Reality – whatever that is or was – has been gradually retreating behind a spectacle of make-believe. One result [...]

the global sensorium – life at high velocity

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The only solution now is to move constantly or flee definitively. Paul Virilio, The Administration of Fear   Life for many of us has entered a period of uninterrupted time which gives us the sense of speed and acceleration. Events are already moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up with the news on [...]

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