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Have you ever wondered why things in life aren’t quite as they seem? Why we celebrate distorted entertainments to such an extreme; or why an industrial-technology-media complex has become the dominant political and economic force of governance? Why our way of life seems morally corrupt and our choices upside-down?

This is the Inversion: the model of reality that our brains have been programmed to accept and which also compels us to participate in and sustain. In his ground-breaking book, Kingsley Dennis examines these issues, questions this reality-model, and comes to some surprising conclusions.

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Recent essays

Chaotic Nodes & Catalysts (forces of decline & order)

April 30th, 2024|

‘What is old and outlived is not willing to give way, and tries to prolong its anachronistic  existence by various illegitimate means. Thus destructive forces arise within civilization and culture; forces of decline and disintegration.’ [...]

The Raising of Conscious Energy

April 20th, 2024|

To all intents and purposes, it would seem that humanity, life on this planet, and the planet itself, have a timeline in which to accomplish evolutionary goals in alignment with larger cosmic cycles. According to [...]

The Unreal Machine (7) – The Threshold

April 9th, 2024|

Humanity stands at the threshold between two paths. There is a considerable risk of falling prey to the mechanical impulse and being incorporated into a dense, technologized world of control, surveillance, and restricted freedoms. This [...]

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