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«Una deliciosa e intrigante mezcla de Herman Hesse e Isaac Asimov»

John Tintera, vicepresidente de ventas y publicidad de Watkins Media

A new future awaits...

but it may not wait for humanity...

UPCOMING in 2019

Our consensus reality is a bewitching spell… Now it’s time to wake up!

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The Saffron Collectors

A World where Transformation is Contagious

My new book has just been released in the US, UK and Spain

The Saffron Collectors will be published in June 2018 by the Beautiful Traitor Books imprint. The imaginative book presents a world where ‘transformation is contagious’ and where the young protagonists find themselves in an unusual orphanage called the Azafran Home for Girls under the supervision of the enigmatic La Madre. The major activity at the orphanage is the planting and growing of saffron flowers and the collection of its delicate spice. And the girls need to be made ready for when the time comes for the harvesting of the saffron spice. As the main protagonist, Teresa, develops a stronger bond and relationship with La Madre, she suspects that there is more to the Azafran Home for Girls than just picking flowers.

The Saffron Collectors comes fully color-illustrated with over 40 hand-drawn watercolor paintings from Naomi Hasegawa, a young artist.

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