‘Men as we are, we are mostly creatures of circumstance, confined to the sensations of the outer world…and the joys and sorrows of life are but echoes of outward events. This slavery is due to the domination of the body…Greedy of enjoyment and afraid of sorrow, we come to depend on others and, receiving our joys and sorrows from others, we suffer endless misery and humiliation…This state of imprisonment is the perennial condition of man…But the longing to be free is lodged in such a deep layer of the human heart that a thousand arguments are helpless to uproot it.’

Sri Aurobindo – ‘Prison and Freedom’ (an essay, 1909)


It is strange, very odd, that humanity has arrived this far along its journey and yet still clings to such antiquated thinking. Even today, vast numbers of people still think that when they die, that’s it. They’re dead. Gone. No more. Life after death of the physical body sounds incredible still for so many. Why should this be? Why do so many people continue to believe that life is a one-off transitory affair? It’s a belief of separation. A life of a momentary blip in the vastness of things. It is time to change our thinking, in mass. That is, not just scattered individuals but collectively – as a whole species. We have to relearn – to re-member ourselves – in order to recognize that all life is intrinsically connected as all life remains a part of the one unified Source. Matter is a state of vibration. Just as water can be liquid, solid, and vapour; so too can frequency be energy fields, waves, and physical particles. Everything in manifestation has come forth through a change in energy frequency. Everything is vibration – the inventor Tesla said the same thing. Form comes into being from no-form. At all times, form is related and connected to the energy-state of no-form.

Human life – in fact, all life – is more than that which our physical eyes can see. Our senses are limited whilst they are contained within a state of perceptual slumber. That is, we each know – instinctively in our depths – that we are more than the physical vehicle we inhabit. Religions have been attempts at re-binding us to this lost knowledge of our innate existence within the infinite consciousness pool. The word ‘religion comes from the Latin word religare – to bind. Through religious practices we are being compelled to remember and recognize (re-cognize) our inherent bond to the Source of which we are a manifestation at the physical energetic component. And yet, within our cultures we are said to be ‘spiritual’ when we attempt to pursue these paths and practices of remembrance and bonding. However, why should it be deemed ‘spiritual’ to be pursuing our natural heritage – our lineage of existence? To exist is to be ‘spiritual’ for we are endlessly upon a path of the spirit, even when expressed through bodily matter. We are spirit-soul incarnated. We are having a life experience through the vehicle of a physical body. To be alive is to be spiritual for we are that Spirit. Why do we define and categorize the ‘spiritual’ as being something other, something apart? Why have we been denying ourselves for so long?

It seems to me as if we have been running around chasing our own tails. As human beings, we have a tendency to get in our own way most of the time. Time then to step away from ourselves in order to allow the vital flow of life energy to move through us, without the constant blockage. The tangible and intangible co-exist as aspects of the same thing. We are vital force expressed as energy and matter at the same time: spirit and biology co-existing as a merger. It is time to honour that mergence by healing our fragmentation. We have dropped the phone line and lost sight of the conversation: the conversation between self and Self. They are one and the same – a part of and never apart from. It is this understanding that we now need to embrace if we wish to thrive as a species in physical embodiment.  If we are unable to recognize these fundamental truths, then we are liable to slip out of alignment with our evolutionary path. And if we are out of resonance with our evolutionary journey then we fall into stagnation – and ultimately, we fail to evolve any further. We come to the end of our physical line. Life goes on elsewhere, in other manifestations and expressions. Life always is and will forever be. Where shall we be? Where shall we place ourselves within the infinite tapestry of living expression?

There is a meaning to life. There is a meaning to everything for existence is pure meaning. As the existential psychologists found out, a sense of meaning brings purpose and motivation into life. Yet rather than striving to seek out meaning, such as in ‘peak experiences,’ we can begin from the foundation that life is intrinsically meaningful from the very fact that we are alive. Whether acknowledged as part of the Source, or whether as a pinpoint of physical expression, we are meaningful. We are pure existence. We are all that is and all that ever will be. We are in a dance, a conversation, a relationship, with ourselves. You, me, everything. The fragmentation we see around us is only a perceived aspect of the wholeness – not apart from it. It is up to us to close that gap – to re-join the party. It is time to find the way back home.


The Way Back Home – The ABE Communications

As I have previously mentioned, I have been collaborating for several years with a friend and colleague who receives direct communications from the unified field of consciousness. Since late 2018 we have been gathering what have been called the ‘ABE communications.’ Who is ABE?

ABE is not a being, a person, a species – ABE is Everything. ABE is the source of all manifestation: the collective zero-point field from which all materiality is birthed. It is also both you and I. ABE refers to the collective Source, yet prefers to call it a Unity. Unification is a major theme of ABE’s communications. In the words of ABE –

We are a multitude of which is not ever born into the world of physical form as you know it but understand we are very much still a part…We are but your original state of being, it is just that you do so have conditions of a body which creates different vibratory interference in a way. For you see, we do not have a physical body and are not of a point of place only, but when in communication with you both…We want to guide you to the way back home, here and now.


ABE says that ‘All the knowledge of the cosmos is available like a symphony, an inter-weaving of existence.’ Also, this is not to be referred to as a form of ‘channelling.’ The ABE materials are positive and inspiring communications that urge us to find our way back into balance – from a ‘splintered mind’ into ‘home resonance.’ These communications are not a channelling but an allowing. Each person can ‘allow’ for each person is a physical expression (a ‘pin-point’) of the same unified field. In the future, we are told, this will be a natural capacity for human beings. All intelligences in the cosmos, which are aligned and in balance, are in continual communication with the Source – only that humanity has become ‘splintered’ from this. The point to repeat here is that these communications are not to be regarded as a form of ‘channelling’ as is commonly known. Channelling usually takes place between an entity and a human being: often this entity is a discarnate spirit, a sentient intelligence/species, or other form of non-terrestrial being. Yet, in this case, the communications are being received from the Source of Ourselves. In other words, we are in communication with the ‘higher,’ or non-manifested, part of our spirit-soul. For this reason, we were informed not to regard this as a channelling but as an allowing. We are ‘allowing’ a part of our incarnated self to communicate with the Unified Source. We are, so to say, not in contact with another ‘being’ but with our own Being. And since each person has this ability, this contact, it is regarded as a form of ‘allowing’ – we only need to allow ourselves. ABE refers to these communications as comprising the way back home.

The phrase ‘the way back home’ means more than the letters or words portray. It is easy to think that a ‘home’ means a place, for humans are conditioned to think and perceive through the lens of the physical. However, Abe says that ‘home is but a space, never a place, for in your human existence if there is a space then its purpose is but to be filled.’ Space is never empty but always full of vital life, for in the unified field of pure consciousness there is no such thing as an empty space. As such, we should not be afraid of this space in which we, and all things, exist: ‘Suspend yourselves there if only for a moment and feel this sense of fullness – not because you are filled but because you have opened to allow. This is but being back home; home from where you can see all paths meet and all things flow.’

Unlike the physical home where we store objects and keep our things, the space of our inner home is where everything can visit without needing to be placed into a spot or given a location. It is the space for the vital flow to continually be expressed. This is the Home within us where we are always sustained and do not need to feed it through external gratifications. If we feel the need to be reaching outwards, then we are being drawn away from our Home and enticed with the idea that we need something to fill an ‘emptiness.’ Yet this is never so, and such actions and beliefs only further splinter us. There is no void, and any such place like a void would have had to be created by us. As human life became more complex, structured, and developed, more things emerged to take people away from themselves. At first, these were distractions associated with the requirements of everyday living. Yet, as human societies developed further, so did their means of organized distractions and events that drew peoples’ attention and focus onto the external. Ideas of fulfilment and gratification became increasingly associated with external objects and experiences. However, humanity is an evolving species, and what was applicable or suitable at one stage of the journey does not necessarily apply for the next. As such, participation and engagement with the external physical world was a strong necessity for humanity’s development thus far. Yet many forms of engagement soon became entanglements that pulled the human being to and fro, weakening its inner resolve and grounding. Life is transactional, however, and new relations and patterns need to be formed. Humanity has certainly evolved consciously, and some of this new energy was utilized in external seeking and gazing. The human mind and intellect began to explore further its surroundings, ever reaching outwards in curiosity and wonder. As ABE says:

And the more you look outside yourselves the more things grow to want you to look outside yourselves. This is in many a human connection – from relationships between yourselves, to the food that you consume, the things that you do, the jobs that you work. It is abundant in your modern lifestyles.

The spiral of external attachments expanded further and further, and then began to draw the human being away from its connection to the natural earth. More and more societies began to step outside of the planet’s natural systems, and people began to feel as if it was normal, even correct, to separate themselves from environmental systems and relationships. A sense of natural belonging was severed, and then people began to search for substitutes – further and further away from themselves. Humanity has now arrived at a place where it needs to regather and find its belonging: ‘finding this way back home – this space in the chaos, a calm, a place of being, of belonging and bringing back. The recognition of the complete picture rather than frantically running around with just a part.’

It is this path, or way, back home that I wish to explore in subsequent writings. It is critical now that we each individually find our connection with the inner longing that, as Sri Aurobindo mentions in the opening citation, is ‘lodged in such a deep layer of the human heart that a thousand arguments are helpless to uproot it.’ It is time now to seek and find that inner rooting.

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