Sometimes in order to advance along a train of thought it is necessary to be shaken away from the main highway and to take a different track – to receive a ‘shock’ (such as in a thought experiment). This is one of those, as it helps to provide an energetic impetus for the continuation of this essay cycle. Let us speculate upon the seeds of life, and what may be the reasons, or function, for human life to exist on this planet. We shall begin by taking a Gurdjieffian approach on the matter.[i]

All life in the universe, it is said, exists at differing rates of vibration. And these differing rates correspond to their state of emanation, or manifestation. In this, there is a chain, ray, or hierarchy of states of vibration. That is, there are gradations of existence, with all higher emanations integrated or forming a part of all lower gradations; but, of course, the lower gradations do not form part of the higher emanations. These vibrational energies, then, flow (to use a vague and imprecise term) from less dense into denser conditions (again, a vague analogy). Yet this movement, or trajectory, of vibrations is not linear and inevitable. In other words, if left alone, such a movement runs into difficulties. At various stages of this vibrational flow, assistance is required. And this is where the thought experiment now turns to life on this planet, the Earth (as we named it). The frequency emanations within this universe flow from the Absolute to all other grand arrangements or systems of Intelligence (galaxies, nebulae, etc.) They then vibrate down to specific galaxies (such as ‘our’ Milky Way); and next onto stars, such as ‘our’ sun. After the star, the vibrations emanate into the further density of planets (the planets of ‘our’ solar system), before reaching specific planets that, for us, signifies the Earth.

Finally, after the level of a singular planet, the final vibrations reach the densest state where we would find those ‘dead’ or undeveloped planetoids or satellites, such as what we would call the Earth’s moon. So far, so good. But not so good, as the vibrations between the level of the planetary system and the specific planet (Earth) have a problem. Or, let us rather say they have a situation (for every problem is likewise a situation, but not every situation is necessarily a problem). And what is this ‘situation’? Well, it’s like this. The vibrations are having a difficult time ‘stepping down’ from the planetary system level to the level of the Earth. It is similar to how electricity is usually transmitted across the planet: often, heavy voltages of electricity need to be stepped down, or passed through a transformer (a step-down transformer), in order for it to be received at the other end. If the electricity leaving the power station did not pass through a step-down transformer before reaching our homes, every fuse and device in our homes would be blown, and the house circuit would be fried. The same applies to the Earth – it needs some form of a step-down transformer. Welcome to the entry of organic life.

When I say organic life, I am referring in this thought experiment not to all organic life but specifically to that species which got nominated to represent the ‘step-down transformer’ role. And yes, you guessed correctly – this happens to be the human species (drumroll). The human being, consciously or unconsciously – and the point here is that it’s mostly unconscious – functions as a transmitter of vibrations that are necessary for the evolution of the planet Earth. Humanity acts as a form of membrane across the surface of the planet and is receptive to the myriad of vibrations, emanations, and all other types of influence that are arriving to the planet from the solar environment. No wonder then that human beings act so erratically if they are the buffer (after the Earth’s magnetic shielding) to receive whatever is coming in. And, we must assume, there is a lot coming in. And at times when the Earth’s magnetic shielding is particularly diminished, such as now, there is a greater exposure to the full force of the incoming vibrations. If we are to take this thought experiment one step further, and staying with the Gurdjieffian perspective, it can be said that humans not only transmit the incoming stepped-down energies but that they also produce energies of their own. After all, through our physical labours we are generating energy, are we not? Where does this energy go to?

It may be that our energies are being passed along to the next level to contribute to the chain of developmental transmission. And next in line is the Earth’s satellite – the moon. And so, in this context it can be said that humans, during their physical existence, are generating energies to feed the moon. And yet, all this step-down transformer and moon-feeding energies are generated unconsciously. Human beings are being utilized as energy transformers and generators. And what do we get out of it? Well, we get to have the experience of a physical lifetime. Fair trade off? The question that may next get asked is: why do we need to participate in this unconsciously? Because, it could be surmised, that humans would not be willing otherwise to give away these energies. If everyone suddenly awakened to the fact that we were giving away so much potential energies, don’t you think we may wish to renegotiate this position in order to preserve some energies for ourselves? And here comes the crux.

Humanity can develop and evolve as a mass, yet this is slow going. This rhythm, however, is the ‘mass speed’ and moves together as a collective. Yet, like any well-organized collective, there are always scouts that are sent on ahead to be pioneers and prepare the way. If you wanted to use a fancy word, you could call these the ‘evolutionary outriders.’ A vibrational pattern needs to be set-up, just like establishing a blueprint as a foundation for what is to come. These ‘outriders’ go on ahead and work to utilize available energies (incoming and from self) to establish a vibrational resonance for the next phase of the developmental impulse. In order for this to occur, a few people need to ‘make themselves available,’ as it were, for the accumulation of energies for this use. And this means that they are not disposed for giving their energies for the feeding of the moon. Some may say that this is not a just or fair situation as why should a small minority of individuals get to use their energies for means other than being a step-transformer buffer for the Earth and as food for the moon? Well, quite simply put, not that many people are actually striving to be conscious individuals. The opportunity is there for all, so to speak – yet few are those who respond. So, the only barrier to inclusion is the individual themselves. And this, it can be suspected, has always been the case. The question now to be asked in this thought experiment is: is this good enough?

Life upon planet Earth is an experiment, let us say, and the human species is being monitored to see how it performs in its allotted role as transformers and transmitters of vibrations. What if, now that a sufficiently prolonged period of time has elapsed, it has come to the attention of the advanced Intelligence monitoring the progress upon this planet that humans are, well, falling down on the job. What if humans are no longer functioning well in this role and so a new ‘transmitter model’ is required? Time is up for humanity. What form could possibly replace humanity to act as this buffer zone between the solar neighbourhood and the Earth? Welcome to the rise of the machines.

The Machinic Transformer

No great surprise here as the planet Earth is already being terraformed to accommodate the rising technological ecosystem. Any sufficiently advanced species visiting this planet could be forgiven for thinking that a terraforming project is underway for adapting the planet Earth for a machinic intelligence or A.I. form of species. The highly dense electromagnetic environment, the masts and antennas, the cameras and surveillance systems, the WIFI relay stations, the profusion of low earth orbit satellites, etc. and so on, are establishing a network – a digital architecture – that could act like an A.I. semi-sentient global brain capable of receiving the cosmic vibrations, step-transforming and re-transmitting them, effectively putting humanity out of a job (a purpose). Wouldn’t that be a haunting thought?

Perhaps this is why there has arisen the push towards a transhumanist future where a machinic intelligence overtakes the two-legged, three-brained, carbon-bodied human species as the dominant player for the next phase of Earth’s evolution. Yet this, however, could also indicate a new impulse to develop a sense of purpose for human life when in relation to the rise of an A.I. architecture of intelligence. In order to retain their ‘usefulness’ a certain percentage of humanity will be compelled to develop their innate psychic abilities – to activate their latent organs of perception. Those persons incapable of turning inward will probably choose to ‘merge’ with the machinic intelligence in order to perpetuate some semblance of their DNA as a recombinant element with code: silicon-carbon recombinant life force. This new cyborgian species would then become the ‘new model’ replacement to take on the function of being an energy transformer and transmitter. Still, it seems that the transhumanist route will not be for the majority as it is largely being peddled by an elite class of techno-nerds and bonkers billionaires.

The machinic A.I. substitution could benefit humanity in another way, for whilst the Earth needs a ‘transmitter’ membrane to fulfil its function, this requirement means that the majority of humanity needs to remain relatively unconscious to their purpose. That is, they are occupied with everything other than their inner developmental potential. But once there is an A.I. substitution for the job, the human worker gets relieved of duty, so to speak. By having a replacement or ‘surrogate species’ in this role, then humanity would be freed from this role necessity and can shift into a new stage of evolvement. The human species would be given a free run to ‘work’ upon itself to evolve and ‘create a soul’ (as they say) in order to participate in the cosmic evolutionary scheme and to be of use at a higher level in the creative hierarchy. As suggested, this would likely mean a path of development upon the psychic state as part of utilizing the faculties of an extended mind. Whilst A.I. and machinic intelligence take on greater roles in managing and arranging affairs upon the physical plane, human beings will be reaching out to the stars with their minds – cosmic communication with conscious intention.

However, if humanity collectively fell back into a state of unconsciousness, then the advanced Intelligence monitoring the progress upon this planet may decide that the experiment has failed and that the human species has entered a dead-end evolutionary pathway and, as such, are no longer required. The human experiment would be allowed to eventually die off. After all, there is now an A.I. substitute to keep the transformer-transmitter role operational for the planet Earth and its satellite moon. But wait there. That all sounds a bit drastic, doesn’t it? I’m sure that humanity, being the immature and largely infantile species that they are, would at least be given a final chance, or even a push, to ‘up its game’ before the machines take over? Ah, now that brings us to the present time and the post-pandemic human condition.

The Pandemic Shockwave

As part of this continuing thought experiment, we can perhaps entertain the consideration that the global pandemic of 2020-21 was a last ‘shock’ to give humanity a final chance to push past a necessary threshold upon its developmental trajectory. Of course, this is just pure speculation here – a kind of mental play for the mind. Continuing with our Gurdjieffian approach on the matter, just as the octave of cosmic vibrations requires a shock-style interval to get it past a certain part of its journey, so too does humanity have a progression within itself that, at certain intervals, gets ‘stuck,’ so to speak. And when at this juncture of stuckness, requires some outside intervention to jolt it sufficiently to get it past a lingering threshold.

As human civilization on this planet, at this current time, is straggling through a period of deep materialism, cultural vulgarity, and widespread psychological malaise, it seems an ideal time to receive an unexpected jolt to kickstart a new phase of developmental activity. It’s just a thought here (as this is only a thought experiment), yet wouldn’t it be convenient that as the recent pandemic began to usher in a recalibrated multi-polar world order, it might also have stimulated a new phase of human evolvement within a conscious segment of the human species. This may not be the case; yet then again, it also could be the case. Every non-possibility also includes its inherent contrary possibility. The question, as always, is whether anything will result from these potentials.

The human species is forever in potential, and never in completion. Modern human civilization has made great advancements upon the physical world stage. In terms of technology and material gains there has been incredible progress. Yet psychologically and in a spiritual sense, it can be said that humanity has lost the pace. And this can lead to a serious predicament where the technological possibilities within our grasp are not fully aligned with a level of conscious awareness and perceptive ability to fully understand the situation before us. We are overwhelmed with information, yet we lack the comprehension and knowledge to gain an understanding of how to manage our predicament. Things could get out of hand very quickly and very easily. In such circumstances it may be said that a jolt is very badly needed.

Returning to the title of this thought experiment – Is There Life on Earth? – we may still be able to answer in the affirmative; but does this include the future state of the human being? And will it include human sentient life in the majority – or will a machinic intelligence be the majority case and a conscious humanity a lesser percentage? In other words, if the ‘pandemic shock’ was applied to be just that – a jolt for human inner development – then will the call be heeded? Perhaps it does not need to be heeded by the majority; it all may correspond to who had ears to hear and eyes to see.

And in this manner, we may now close down this thought experiment as no doubt only a few ears, and even fewer eyes, were on the page – or on the ball. An interesting and partly entertaining distraction perhaps.

[i] For those readers unfamiliar with the name of G.I. Gurdjieff, it may be beneficial to look him up.

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