There was once a man who began building a lighthouse in the middle of the desert. Everyone started to make fun of him and called him crazy.

‘Why a lighthouse in the desert?’ everybody wondered.

Yet the man would not listen and kept on quietly doing his work. One day he finally finished building his lighthouse. At night, without moon or stars in the sky, the magnificent lightning started spinning its light in the darkness of the air, as if the Milky Way had become a carousel.

And it happened that as soon as the lighthouse began to give her light there suddenly appeared in the desert a sea lit by a river of light, with beautiful ocean going ships, sail boats, submarines, whales, dancing dolphins, merchants of Venice, the pirate Barbarossa, mermaids, sirens, and many more …

Everyone was amazed, except the builder of the lighthouse: for he knew that if someone turns on a light in the darkness, from the brightness of that light will spring up many wonders.