‘Beautiful Traitor’ is an anthology of poems that represent twenty years in the author’s search for meaning in life – or life through poetry. Kingsley L. Dennis has personally selected these poems that begin from 1992 and continue until 2012. As the author states in his introduction: ‘At the age of twenty, with mysticism and magic in my head, the search had begun…’ This unique collection reflects a personal odyssey that has taken Kingsley from the UK to Prague, to Istanbul, and through his many years working both abroad and in the UK as a teacher. However, whilst these poems reflect a sense of place, the real location they describe and reveal is the inner homeland. It was from here that Kingsley L. Dennis undertook the majority of his traveling. This book will appeal to poetry lovers, seekers of life, and anyone interested in the personal thoughts and inner life of the author Kingsley L. Dennis.