Author (A): Hello Hecate

Hecate (H): Hello there.

A: It seems like these are haunting times we are in.

H: What do you mean?

A: Well, as I’ve been saying many people are now feeling somewhat lost. We are in a pace of change so rapid, with distractions, contradictions, misinformation, deliberate false information, and so many things happening around us that it seems reality is losing its focus.

H: Or that people are losing their focus?

A: Exactly. Don’t you think so? I mean, this is more your area, where ghosts and phantasms roam the world.

H: Not exactly. The ghosts and phantasms of which you speak are no longer human. The things you mention concerning reality do in fact concern humans. Humans have never, strictly speaking, been my domain. I find them more incomprehensible than ghosts. This is not a bad thing, mind you. Rather, what I am saying is that humans are more complex, unpredictable, and with unknown capacities that they constantly surprise us. What I think is happening right now is that they are in the throes of surprising themselves.

A: What do you mean?

H: What I mean is that humans are very much at the center of everything they do, and of their world. Things in their world may well be changing, yet it is the humans who decide how this affects them. Humans have more say in their reality than they realize.

A: And isn’t this the issue – that they are being misled about their own inherent capacity to act in their world and to create the reality and the future that is best for them?

H: Yes, and this has always been the case. The struggle is not so much with ghosts and hauntings but with their own ignorance. If anything, they are being haunted by their own inability to see. As I said, humans are very much at the center of everything; and it is from this center that they must learn to see clearly.

A: Would you say then that humans are deceiving themselves?

H: Humans have always had a strong inclination for self-deception. This is not always a deliberate act, although it is fascinating to observe from our perspective. This self-deception most often comes from a lack of knowledge; or lack of information about their own state and potential in the world. They are a noble species that step by step, person to person, are moving towards a very different future.

A: And is this a positive, better future?

H: That is indeed the hope.

A: So where do we go from here?

H: We will have to wait and see. Humanity has to make its own choices. And this means it will have to struggle internally – both amongst its own people as well as within each person – to decide how it wishes to act and to move forward.

A: Yet there are also forces acting against humanity, are there not?

H: The forces that concern you and your kind are the ones that exist amongst you. You are your own disease as well as the cure. From what I see, you are struggling with and amongst yourselves. And there are those amongst you who prefer to keep the rest of you in ignorance. Be noble, and seek your own truths. The path lies within you, and always has. Don’t be distracted by your own ghosts.

A: Thank you, Hecate.

H: You’re welcome.