We are no longer in the ‘waiting room’ period, wondering when things are going to start changing. Every part of our lives is already in flux, and always has been. It is erroneous to think of human life as being static – it never has been. Life often appears more static at times when there is relative social stability and, importantly, stability in cultural ideas and mass consciousness. However, all these aspects – social structures/institutions, cultural norms, thinking patterns – have entered a period of profound change and re-calibration. For the past few years many people have been feeling and sensing this re-organization (‘coming apart-coming together’); yet for the most part have been observers to these shifts. Many of us were waiting for the grand ‘tipping points’ or explosive moments to occur – and they never arrived. This is because the change we are going to see will infiltrate our lives in order to affect transformation from within…and over time. If everything collapsed in one moment it would be catastrophic for human life on this planet. Rather than exploding like a time-bomb, we are expected to re-adjust to new contexts on this planet like a chameleon changes its skin color to blend into a new environment. Yet such a re-calibration needs to be done consciously, and in harmony with everyday life. That is why the ‘waiting room’ period is over – it is time for Work.

The period we are experiencing now may also prove to be disruptive in terms of health, as there are many chaotic elements surrounding life that are impacting us. These ‘disruptive frequencies’ are likely to cause dis-ease and illness within many people on the planet around this time. Although this is a general statement to make, I feel that many of us here now will have experiences of people around us that are taken ill. For some, these illnesses will be more serious than others. Yet the sense is that we are now compelled to de-toxify ourselves, and to be re-aligned with an energy that is moving forward and impels change upon us. A new energy is coming into the planet which is moving differently – it is an energy that manifests a different gravitas.

The new energy is more fluid and adaptable; is lighter and more rapid. As a result we need to be more responsive as the energy is moving like a web of light – it manifests through relationships and networks, and is more subtle yet distinctly active in our daily lives. It is an energy that needs to be lived and handled. As such, we will need to re-calibrate our physical and emotional well-being so that we can resonate in harmony with this fluid, interpenetrating living energy that is ever rising to the surface of human and planetary affairs.

It will be increasingly important that we seek out those aspects in our lives that promote and nurture our well-being. We live in a culture that promotes sickness and illness as a normal state. In fact, businesses and corporations build illness into their business plans. Most businesses calculate that their employees will take x% of sick leave days per year, which in turn affects y% of profit yields. So this difference is often calculated into yearly profit plans. People are expected to get ill various times throughout the year; and if we miss a few days from work with an ‘illness excuse’ nobody thinks anything of it. Sometimes we are expected to be ill in order to be a healthy person! And then there is the global pharmaceutical industry which really should be renamed as the ‘Illness Industry’ with the motto ‘To cure you we must first kill you’. This expectation and ‘normalization’ of illness is a mis-alignment and focuses our attention in the wrong direction. Our daily life should, as far as is possible, be part of the human ‘Wellness Industry’ that centers on harmony with oneself in order to have harmony with others and daily life. True harmony is about coherence and fitting in with all aspects of our daily life.

No person can escape what they think, say, do, or feel – it becomes woven into the tapestry that regulates our sense of self and our well-being. It thus makes sense that we are mindful over how we manifest our expressions of though-action-feeling. Everything is woven out of the threads of human consciousness. In time new awareness, new consciousness and thinking paradigms and new models will align themselves into co-creating a new way of living and being that will replace our older models and ways. It is a wonderfully cohesive and organic process. In fact, it is only human stubbornness that makes it a prickly and sometimes uncomfortable experience! We are often our own barriers to self-development in that we are already calibrated with a vast array of conditioning. We carry around with us a weighty mix of opinions, beliefs, judgments and criticisms – like a poor donkey with a heavy load! When was the last time we asked ourselves the question: “Do our thinking patterns (belief systems) bring us emotional, physical, spiritual imbalance and dis-ease?”

Part of the re-calibration toward human well-being is the necessary work we must undertake so that we can be better aligned with a new world and a new energy that is penetrating our reality now and in the years to come. Re-calibration is about knowing when to say ‘NO’ to those things that no longer nurture our well-being and sense of self; and to resonate, and consciously attract, those elements in life that are beneficial and will support our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s time to get on track: to know what is best for us, and to gravitate toward those things in life that nourish our well-being. Our re-calibration now takes place in the marketplace of life.

‘Tell me: if the hidden treasure is now on display at the bazaar, shouldn’t the Gnostic leave his cell and wander forth?” Gharib Nawaz