Part III – Normalizing the Multi-Verse

Human awareness is the real game changer. Human awareness not only alters our perceptions of our self but also transforms how we understand the world. The awareness we have about our place in the world and our part in the ‘bigger picture’ is ultimately a question of how we transceive (transmit-receive) consciousness. When how we receive and express human consciousness changes, then everything changes. Consciousness is that which connects – it is the nonlocal information field that binds us all. We can also refer to it as being the living intelligence that underlies the matrix, the construct, of our known reality. The living intelligence is the underlying consciousness from which all materiality arises.

As discussed in the previous essay in this series

[i], there is a different form of energy now being supported upon this planet. Further, that there is an interaction/immersion – leading to a state of greater resonance – between the energy fields of human physiology and those from our environment. The coherence between information fields (biological-environmental-cosmic) is increasing, resulting in what I speculate as being a stronger access to living intelligence. This stronger contact-communication is manifesting in the younger generation(s) who appear to exhibit increased intuitive intelligence as opposed to acquired information (conditioning). One way to visualize this is by seeing the new energy calibration as being like a different sound/vibration pattern entering, and altering the older patterns. Consider how sound/vibration waves can alter matter: particles scattered on a surface are reformed into new orderly geometric shapes in response to changing sound vibrations, as the image below shows.[ii]


Image 1: different sand patterns formed in response from the vibrations of various musical notes

A new energetic signature – ‘sound vibration’ – entering our collective nonlocal field will re-calibrate the transceiving of consciousness into a new modality. The change in the ‘pattern recognition’ of the consciousness field could likely affect how we filter and interpret, and thus perceive, the constructs of our reality. It may also open up the human transceiving of consciousness to other dimensional perspectives. In other words, humanity is possibly on course to re-calibrate its potential to transceive other modalities of nonlocal information. By altering our capacity to receive other wavelengths of information, humanity will be broadening its awareness, understanding, and connection with a greater range of dimensional realities. We may then come to realize that our perception of reality, and our understanding of the cosmos, is in accordance with our capacity to access the living information. Once this state of access is altered, new perceptions emerge. One of these new perceptive states would likely be the recognition that intelligent life exists in a wondrous profusion of multi-verses. At this point we will be forced to officially change our antiquated mythology of ‘what is life?’

For a long time the dominant scientific consensus has been that we were lucky enough to have found ourselves in a ‘just-right’ universe – a universe that happened to have been accidentally created by chance. And now we are struggling for survival on a dead chunk of rock hurtling through ‘empty’ space in a so-far lifeless universe. However, according to the calculations of mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, the probability of randomly coming across such a universe as we find ourselves in – fine-tuned to life – is 1 in 1010123.1 With these incredible odds there would, somewhat ironically, be more statistical chance of living in an intelligent universe. In this case it appears that a biased human thinking pattern cannot accept that we exist in a universe that is itself biased toward life. After all, life has been returning again and again on planet Earth after each major extinction event.[iii] One would assume that such persistence does not occur in a random universe not biased toward life? However, the mythology of living in a dead universe has been compatible – dare we say it ‘useful’ – for the dominant ideology of consumerism that has saturated modern life. If we are living a life of blind chance within a world of lifeless, materialistic forces, then it makes more sense that humanity should exploit its surroundings to make the best of it for itself. In this scenario, human life – our existence – has no greater purpose or meaning. However, there is a shift underway in how we are beginning to understand what we mean by the question ‘what is life?’

Nobel Prize scientist Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the DNA sequence, could not understand how even a single assembled protein could have emerged by chance. Crick calculated the odds of this happening as just 1 chance in 10260: this is an incredible (and immeasurable) sum when we consider that all the atoms in the entire visible universe have been calculated to amount to ‘only’1080. Both Francis Crick and astronomer Fred Hoyle believed that life was already too complex when it first appeared on Earth and thus must have originated from elsewhere; that is, off-planet. Hoyle is now infamous for stating, somewhat controversially, that for complex life to have originated by chance is statistically the same odds as a hurricane blowing through a scrap yard and producing a Boeing 747. Hoyle also supported the general Panspermia hypothesis[iv] which states that life exists throughout the universe and is distributed by bacteria being present on passing/crashing meteoroids, asteroids and planetoids. Similarly, Crick famously stated that since it was highly unlikely that complex bacteria on Earth arose by random chance it was therefore more likely to have arrived at Earth by what is known as ‘Directed Panspermia’[v]. That is, the seeds of life (perhaps early bacterial forms of DNA) may have been purposely spread by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization(s). The reasons for this could be many, such as an advanced civilization facing extinction; as a means for terraforming planets, perhaps for later colonization; or as a design to spread the spiritual seeds of life within a particular universe/dimension. Crick concluded his hypothesis by stating that DNA is ‘not of this Earth.’ 2

Another latest finding that is inexplicable to the current paradigm is the recent discovery that organic molecules are produced in stars. What this means is that the basic substances on which life is based (as we know it) are already produced in the evolution of stars. Organic molecules necessary for life are created in the deep furnaces of stellar evolution and then ejected into surrounding space. These molecules may then coat clumps of interstellar matter that then subsequently condense into stars and planets. This understanding could offer us another picture of how organic matter arises in the universe. This picture shows us a universe that is a veritable factory for life, with stars pumping and spewing out the molecules for creation like huge generators all dotted across the universe. The idea that we live on a lifeless rock is now becoming itself a dead idea!

Once we accept that we exist within an immense universe teeming with the potentials for life, it is a natural next step to question whether other conscious intelligences exist in the cosmos. A follow-on question might be whether transpersonal states of consciousness can form a connection, or bridge, with other intelligences and/or dimensional realms? That is, whether a stronger access to the living intelligence also facilitates a broader scope of communion, connecting us with other sentient beings whom are also in communion with the nonlocal living intelligence field. In fact, this very question and subject is not new – it has been at the heart of the human experience for millennia. The transpersonal access of consciousness has been known for millennia amongst various traditions, regardless of the fact that it has been largely denied and dismissed by our rational scientific paradigm. Historically, those persons more able to access this capacity – such as shamans, mystics, prophets, etc – have often done so for the benefit of their communities. For those people who are accustomed to connecting-communicating with such realms, the notion of intelligent life, multi-dimensions, and multi-verses is second nature. Furthermore, virtually all human beings have the capacity to access these alternate realities. In fact, many people are already doing so without actually realizing it – casting it off as coincidence, fluke, good luck, or weird anomaly. In recent years, however, there has been a significant increase in the number of people either experimenting or experiencing what are termed as ‘extra-sensory’ states. These occurrences, rather than being anomalies, may well be the first wave of experiences that are part of the new incoming normalization of human perception. In other words, the ‘actual experience that extra-sensory states exist may be the foundation for a future which contains extra-sensory experience as a widespread attribute.’3 These initial experiences by the few earlier on is part of a natural process of acclimatizing the human being to a reality/state so that these realities can become actualized and normalized later.


New Dimensional Perspectives

Consciousness researcher Dr Strassman believes that communication with transpersonal realms may help humanity along its own evolution, as well as with the problems we are currently facing here on Earth:

Establishing – with a sober, altruistic intent – reliable and generally available means of contact with these different levels of existence may help us alleviate some of the pressing issues we are facing on this planet in this time-space continuum. It even may be that the information and resources we gather in these noncorporeal realms are more important to our survival – and ultimately our evolution – than that which we obtain via strictly physical means.4

 The idea of contact with ‘non-corporeal’ realms having a function in our evolution offers a new, and potentially significant, dimensional perspective for human life. The existence of non-corporeal realms of reality has been known for millennia amongst various traditions. Likewise, the practice of communication/interaction with other non-human intelligences has been widely known across human cultures for centuries.

What I sense may be happening through a variety of socio-cultural phenomena and anomalies – drug experimentation, transpersonal states, wisdom traditions, out-of-body practices, alien abduction, and more – is the preparation of humanity for its next phase of evolutionary development. These earlier stages utilized individuals as channels – or transceivers – by which to affect the collective energetic/vibratory state of our species for purposes of transformation. Furthermore, part of this transformation involves the creation of new organs of perception with which to perceive aspects of a newly emerging reality that is multi-dimensional. In other words, we have been working towards normalizing the multi-verse, and thus assisting to bring it into being through the perceptual faculties of the human species. In modern vocabulary, we are beginning to download the bigger picture.

As mentioned previously, the idea that we live in a multidimensional universe populated by other intelligences and life-forms is not new to many non-western, non-orthodox traditions and to many indigenous peoples of the world. Yet the means of access – the discipline to train the body and mind to be able to sustain this communion – has been available in past times to the relative few. Now all that is likely to be changing. The next step, it seems to me, is a major planetary roll-out – a massification of the evolutionary process. It may well be that the new generation of children arriving upon the planet will be amongst the first wave to engage more fully with this developmental impulse, in a natural and organic way.


Re-Calibrating Reality

The capacity to access non-ordinary states of consciousness is the natural heritage of humankind. Yet, on a physiological level, we may need preparation so that we are able to sustain the energetic state related to heightened perceptions. This was the intention of the Integral Yoga work of Sri Aurobindo, in preparation to receive the immanence of the Overmind. According to consciousness researcher Gopi Krishna, humanity ‘will be brought in touch with another level of creation, other intelligences and states of being pervading the universe, a universe now completely shut out from our sight because of the limited capacity of our brains.’5 The human species may thus be on the verge of breaking free from its perceptual quarantine.

The younger generations, with their inherent intuitive intelligence, will be the initial wave in this transformation occurring through the received consciousness of the human species. They will come to recognize – as if second nature – that humanity shares a cosmic neighborhood with a radiant profusion of other intelligences. We were never alone – and we will look back at our antiquated thinking and laugh at our short-sightedness and lack of vision. Just as we look back to the early days of black and white television and silent movies, where we knew the real images existed in color yet we didn’t have the transceivers capable of receiving the ‘bigger picture.’ Through the new generations coming into the world we will be introducing the re-calibrated consciousness patterns into the collective blueprint of the human species.

Our latest scientific discoveries are finally catching up with a body of knowledge that has been known for centuries amongst certain wisdom traditions. Quantum biology, for example, now reveals that a multidimensional energy exists within the innermost core of the human body. A state of quantum coherence is achieved as each of the 100 trillion molecules in the human body emits its own magnetic field, each one overlapping with the next. This then creates a nonlocal energy field that allows for instant communication throughout the body. With trillions of overlapping DNA fields – each with a mini electromagnetic field – a unified quantum state is created that has been suggested could have multi-dimensional properties. It is known that there are magnetic fields at the centre of atomic structure that physicists refer to as inter-dimensional fields. Physicists are also debating whether inter-dimensional energy exists at the centre of galaxies, and whether galactic centers exist in a quantum state. This relates to the information Ken Carey received:

‘the fully activated human sensory system is more than just an interdimensional communication device. In miniature it replicates in the structural pattern of its biogravitational field the same pattern found in planetary, solar, galactic, and universal fields.’6

The old consciousness patterns were not sufficiently conducive to transceiving the multi-dimensional aspects of the living intelligence field. However, the new generation(s) of humans to arrive on the planet will encounter an environment with a different energetic signature and their DNA will re-calibrate accordingly. This shift will, I speculate, facilitate a greater access to the living intelligence, leading to expanded patterns of received/expressed consciousness. This greater resonance with the living intelligence field will also grant partial access to the reality of multi-dimensional existence.

This new understanding of being a part of multi-dimensional existence will be humanity’s shared inheritance; and not the preserve of a few. We will undergo the transition from a time when we thought we were alone in a ‘dead universe’ to the understanding that we are part of a vast, inconceivably rich living universe – one amongst many multi-verses teeming with intelligent life. We will have begun our journey to join the neighborhood of cosmic L.I.F.E. – in Living a more Integrated and Fulfilling Existence. This will mark the beginning of living in resonance with a new sacred reality:

‘…all creatures inhabit and live within a single field of shared consciousness, that all are projections of a single Being, and that all of us – angels, humans, animals, vegetables, microbes and minerals – are differentiated aspects of one conscious and coherent whole. This recognition is the cornerstone of the new Sacred Reality….’7

When this new perception of life – planetary, cosmic, and dimensional – is integrated and normalized in the psyche of humanity, far-reaching and revolutionary change will occur in every sphere of human life. Humanity will form a sacred connection with all forms of life and with a living cosmos. We will collectively recognize the evolutionary impulse in humankind, and seek to nurture self-development and well-being. Human values will no longer be based upon a paradigm of materialism – matter realism – but will foster human dignity, compassion, tolerance, unity, and the actualization of our higher morality. Eventually, through this new awareness and understanding, we shall work as a collective species toward the formation of a genuine planetary society upon the Earth. It will not happen overnight, nor within a single generation – yet it will eventually come to pass over extended time. This is the expression of the developmental impulse within the creative consciousness of living intelligence. In time, profound transformation will occur on planet Earth as the impulse of love will nurture our collective spirit and creative intention to make a future for humanity within the cosmos.



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