Communicating with the Unified Source Field

UNIFIED outlines a new vision of the cosmos from the field-view reality, using references to some of the latest findings in consciousness research. The central core of the book is based around a series of communications with the Unified Source Field - the collective intelligence from which manifests all materiality. These communications are placed within the context of a new scientific-based vision of reality.

This unique book introduces the Source Field communications as received through a human interpreter (Nicola Mortimer). The subjects covered within the communications include bodily health & nutrition; the human mind & consciousness; DNA & energy vibrations; the cosmos & other civilizations; human society & culture; technologies & their impacts; and our potential human futures.

The book concludes with an in-depth analysis and reflection upon the implications of this new vision of a unified reality. The questions raised explore the implications of purpose and meaning upon human life and ask: What are our responsibilities? How will this impact our human future? How can this enrich our lives?


UNIFIED: Cosmos, Life, Purpose brings each person back into their own allowance - from a splintered world into wholeness.

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books