Life in the Continuum is an extraordinary exploration into the nature of existence based on the understanding that humanity has contact with the Source of pure consciousness from which matter and life emerges. This book – its commentaries and messages – are a record of such contact and communication with the unified field of consciousness: the Continuum.

The author has written these commentaries to explore a unique series of penetrating communications with the Unified Field. These communications – known as the ‘ABE communications’ – were received through Nicola Mortimer in response to the author’s questioning. As the content of the book confirms, human life is more than that which our physical eyes can see. Humanity currently exists within a state of perceptual slumber. Everything in manifestation has come forth through a change in energy frequency. Everything is vibration. The Abe materials say this; the inventor Nikola Tesla said the same thing. Why has humanity been denying the truth for so long? In the words of Abe, we have been running around chasing our own tails. As human beings, we tend to get in our own way more than we realize. It is time then to step away from ourselves to allow the vital flow of life energy to move through us. For this reason, and more, it is important and timely for these commentaries to be shared along with their original messages.

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books