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Kingsley L. Dennis - the seeker

Read my end of year blog – A NEW MAP…. Wishing everyone a spirit-filed New Year – and a warm embrace for 2017


My latest book ‘THE SEEKER’ is what I would call speculative fiction, and here I explore the concept of a ruined humanity. The events of the book take place after the ‘Great Turning,’ which is the name given to the global collapse of human civilization. Out of this breakdown new possibilities arise…

As the blurb says –

What arises are two possibilities: the technological monastic Nous-City; and the scattered enclaves and walled settlements of remaining humanity. Two evolutionary streams lie ahead, mutually independent and yet with the potential for merger.

It may be somewhat ironic that this ‘post-apocalyptic’ tale comes so soon after recent ‘political devastations’ that have been happening all over the globe – but there you go…perhaps a ‘Great Turning’ is not so speculative after all…

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