Sincerity – with others and with oneself – is one of the few tools we have for gaining our personal freedom.

The value of sincerity is of great importance, now more than ever, as we are surrounded by tales, stories, and gossip, selling us such things as immediate ascension, new ‘light bodies’, cataclysmic futures, and so on. The reality (or the ‘greater truth’) of this is more subtle and yet more powerful – it is the ongoing development of human society and the evolution of human consciousness. And it is an ongoing work in progress – and it is as simple and as difficult as that…

So we need to be sincere with ourselves; for if we are unable to be, then who can do it for us? This sincerity means acknowledging that no matter how the world appears to be, external to us, the real work begins within us. And the real work does not arrive with a megaphone announcement; with sign-up fee-paying courses; or with emotionally stimulating/gratifying commercial events. Often, such subtlety of work begins with a silence; a quietness of acknowledgement, attention, concentration, aspiration, and intention.

There will be no great ‘end of days’ cataclysm at the end of December 2012 – the proof of this is that you are reading these very words after December 21st, and no doubt relaxing as you do so. You are still here, aren’t you? If the ‘greatest event’ of the last 26,000 years couldn’t shake you off the planet – or out of your skin – then what can? So, I would say we can safely acknowledge that the human species is here to stay. That’s the good news. The passing of 2012 heralds the passing of an important signifier. It signifies that we are entering a period of human history where ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse for inactivity. If anything, the ‘Cult of 2012’ woke many of us up to the realization that global humanity, and our planetary civilization, is going through a period of transition – and all may not be well at this point. Transition signifies a re-organization: a shifting of energies as well as physical systems; world views, perceptions, and lifestyles. And in the midst of such ‘spring cleaning’, we need to be prepared to be adaptive, flexible, and open for positive developmental change. Why should this be so difficult a concept to grasp? After all, we wouldn’t spring clean the house without first taking out or re-arranging the furniture. So why should it be so different for us? We need to re-arrange the furniture of our thinking, beliefs, models, etc, in order to welcome in the new spring arrangements. After this, we can learn to appreciate that things can – and will – get better. First, we just have to deal with the discomfort – and the responsibility – of grand planetary change.

With the responsibility of change comes work – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Since being ‘human’ means that we are not one ‘simple unit’ but an integrated, and inter-related, being of many ‘bodies’, it is crucial that we exist and operate in harmony. For example, we are in dis-harmony if our physical body is in good shape yet our thoughts are erratic and disturbed; or when we think we have balanced thoughts yet our emotional selves are distressed. So the real and true stability is within ourselves: from here real change emerges.

Change upon planet Earth will come through us, the people, and the attitudes, awareness, compassion, sincerity, etc, that we embody and manifest. This is the real stability that can be passed on to those around us: our family, friends, communities, social networks, and so on. As centred, subtle, uplifting energies manifest through more and more people, change will then emerge also within our physical environments. It will not appear overnight. There will be no post-2012 5th-Dimensional paradise. Yet the energies are moving in the right direction, and there are millions of people already feeling this joy of change. We must therefore maintain this intention of great opportunity within change, and not become disheartened. As the infamous phrase puts it: Illegitimi non carborundum (“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”). Why should we any more put up with ‘people-potential-bashing’? Yes, we do have the potential to bring forth the unprecedented potential of human energy, creativity, and vision. We therefore need to align ourselves with this potential.

Working in life, as part of life, with infectious energy, motivation, and focused intention will allow us to ride the waves of change rather than be engulfed by them. If you are reading these words now, it is because you are ready for this change and responsibility – and have the capacity to participate. Generational change is just that – it takes place over generations. Sounds like a long time? Well, in evolutionary terms we are zipping along; we are witnessing exponential change that would awe our ancestors, and make our descendents proud. No time to stop now…

The future is right here where you are standing….and as the train conductor used to shout as the train arrived at the end of one line – ‘ALL CHANGE!’

Welcome to 2013, and beyond….the future is going to last a long time…

Society offers the entire stimulus we need; there is no need for us to seek out more. Likewise, it is not necessary that we retreat to a cave in order to escape this sensory overload. Any true spiritual endeavour has to be in harmony with one’s life.


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