The Reset Button


‘We are dreaming a symbolic world, only briefly waking to what is real’

Arthur Deikman


We thought our reality was stable – a linear progression of events that had order and logic. Most people in modern societies were born into conditions of stability and security that created bubbles of contentment and ease. We were easily and readily programmed to participate in a consumer-driven culture that mollified and pacified us. We were soothed into a smooth flow of agreeable servitude. We had our desires delivered to us on a plate, and our entertainments available on credit. More or less, for most of the time, we knew where we were heading. At the very least, we recognized the path we were walking upon. It was a Pleasantville picture of reality. We had tied ourselves and invested in a world reality that we believed had a long, long future. We were not going to be changing our minds any time soon.

Some of us saw the early signs – the cracks in the cosmic egg. We had that inner gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right. And yet the Pleasantville picture of reality continued, and still many bought into it. Things started to slowly come apart at the seams – the earth started to shake; people started to move; the hidden hand could sometimes be seen behind the veil. And yet still, many of us did not wish to cut our energetic cords to a picture of reality that was now flickering before our eyes. We needed so badly to belief in those things that maintained our passive contentment. Yet it had to come. When something so big begins to wobble so badly, a new form of equilibrium is required. An event of such magnitude is needed that gets into everyone’s lives so that we each begin to turn inward to ask – is this the right path I am on? Then it is time for a new consensus to emerge. But first, someone has to push the reset button.


When things fall apart, a new vision can arise. To begin, each person has to choose if they will step forward or remain clinging to the old ways. During this current consensus reality meltdown there will be a reshuffling – and each person can take this time to listen to themselves. Maybe we are being handed back all that which we had given away for so long? In the reshuffling, new pathways of connection can be forged.

If you cannot see what lies ahead, or which path to take, then you may be feeling discomfort. It’s the unknown which always triggers our anxieties, our fears. It’s okay to be unsettled for a while – until the new connections are made. These are both the connections within and the connections without. It is a time to create anew those relations of meaning – the contacts of significance. For far too long, we’ve been accustomed to a world – to a way of living – that didn’t fully take each of us into account. We allowed others to make the world into an equation, and we became the numbers. We were given a group mentality, yet we did not become a unity. We were told to step in line with others rather than stepping out for ourselves. It was a Pleasantville picture of reality made from a deck of cards. Now someone has pushed the reset button. And it is time to re-align.

There is nothing wrong with drawing-in for a while – to take a step back and observe. Quietness and reflection brings fuel to the inner flame. Fear of the unknown is not an excuse for inaction. Stepping back for a while is a form of action – it is not doing nothing. All musical notes need a pause. All breathing needs an inhale before an exhale. A consensus reality meltdown is a rest – an inhale. Time to bring it all back home. Bring it back to yourself – and this time, not to give yourself away again. Take a look at what is being highlighted now. Decide where to shine the light.

This is not a time for pushing. Let the afraid ones do the shoving. This is a time for reassessing. Have I been looking after myself? Am I living healthily? Do I live a nourished life? Do I nourish others? Are there parts of my life I can change – are there withered branches I can cut off?


Where there is a reset, the sides of the box fall away. Don’t be in such a rush to put the lid back on again. This is not a time for boxes. The reset is not a time for being caught in a one-way street. All avenues are open now. It is time to allow your own paths to open up rather than following the paths of others. Maybe when you arrive, you’ll find it’s the same place – because it’s you. Yet you won’t be the same. As T.S. Eliot wrote – ‘We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time.’

After the consensus reality meltdown – after the reset button has been pressed – life will not be the same again. We will begin a new historical era. People across the world will climb out of their quarantined cocoons into a new time. Today as I write these words it is the day of the Spring Equinox – it is when a new year begins. The reset button was pressed before this Spring Equinox. Afterwards, there will be no Anno Domini, no Common Era. It shall be a New Era (N.E.).

How will it be? How each person chooses to perceive and create their renewed vision of life will be this new pathway. It can be the opportune time to form fresh priorities – a return to the earth beneath our feet. A more balanced way to walk forth – and forth we shall go.