The world we live in now is changing rapidly. The normal state of affairs is not the static and stationary that we sometimes view our lives to be, but of flux and flow. The sayings of Heraclitus remind us of this process: ‘Nothing endures but change’; ‘There is nothing permanent except change’; ‘All is flux, nothing stays still’. Civilizations manifest change, movement, paradoxes, ambiguities, and contradictions. Society can not afford to stagnate, otherwise it will collapse. A living society requires a continual movement of energy and adaptation.

The world we inhabit now was never meant to be our destination, or to serve as a permanent state, simply because it is not sustainable. The last 150 years especially have been an accelerating ride fuelled by an over-reliance upon constant growth and exploitation that could never be sustainable in the long run. The reason why human society has (relatively speaking) come so far so fast is that we’ve had an unprecedented spurt of growth which we’ve exploited to the max.  Like a rocket ship that burns its booster fuel to get it into orbit, our societies (especially those that developed out of the western industrial revolution) have been burning the booster fuel these past 150 years to get us where we are. We are now in global orbit – yet there’s precious little fuel left. Or rather, fuel of the same type and source. However, another point largely overlooked is that the view from orbit is vastly different than it is from the ground. We can see more of the bigger picture. The view from orbit has a deep effect on our perceptions – it shifts us from a place of limited ground-based perception to a place of extended perception. Yet we first need to accept we are in orbit – in a new ‘space’ – before the new perceptions can begin to kick-in and alter the way we look at things. The problem we face is that humanity, in general, is so conditioned that many want to bring back a certain status quo, even after it has vanished. Change is occurring faster than our textbooks can keep up; even faster than what is taught in our education systems. We can never go back from this point onwards as there is no world to go back to. It no longer exists – it has been transformed whilst we have been living in it. Just as fish that swim in the river, the water is never the same as it is continually flowing. No fish ever swims in the same spot of water twice, unless it is within either contained or stagnant water.

A key factor during the next couple of decades is that three generations of people will be sharing an activated awareness of the emerging perceptual shift. The teenagers and young people who were around during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, who heard of it and maybe even followed its happening, were some of the first wave to tune into the shift of the new energies. Their parents, who were the war generation, have largely been unable to recalibrate for the energetic change. The ‘Harmonic Convergence’ generation, who were perhaps 15–30 at the time, will now be in the 40–55 age bracket. Many of these will have already begun families and thus seeded a new generation, who may be somewhere in the 15–30 age bracket (if we take 25 as the average age for beginning a family). At present this 2nd generation is the most ‘consciously aware’ of the perceptual and energetic change now occurring since they were already born into a planet with a different energetic signature. Thus, they arrived already ‘hard-wired’ for the change. Over the next couple of decades this aware generation will seed the third generation who will become even greater agents of change as they will all arrive with a completely different range of consciousness, entirely suited to the new energies of the 21st century. Therefore, by 2030, the three generations will look something like this:

  • 1st Generation: 58–73
  • 2nd Generation: 33–48
  • 3rd Generation: 8–23

The 3rd generation will usher in a new society that will emerge from the ashes of the present one, and it will seem equally incomprehensible and unacceptable to the older generation as well as to the people who are today the younger generation. That is why I term this new generation the Phoenix Generation as they will rise from the ashes of our old social systems. Today’s youth, fragmented into delinquents and forward-thinking progressives, will appear ineffectual just as the old system now crumbling appears to us to be hierarchical, hypocritical, and stultifying. The ‘phoenix generation’ will refuse to accept the belief systems dogmatically maintained by current societies; they will exhibit a frame of reference beyond the box that has been stifling us to date. The ‘phoenix generation’ will have an altered perspective and set of perceptions. They won’t adapt to change – they will be born as change. They are the fully-wired change agents needed to bring the new social structures into being. They will also represent the new thinking – the new consciousness – that will signify our new global societies.

The world is now outliving and moving beyond mechanical systems, and beyond the hypocrisy of commercial ‘spirituality’ that conditions people to accept ludicrous claims and fantasy. The ‘phoenix generation’ is likely to understand that society and spirituality are mutually complementary, and that both require vision combined with discipline and action in order to manifest the future.

As the saying goes: A few transformed people can transform millions; millions of untransformed people can do – or be – next to nothing


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