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The Citadel Trilogy

The Citadel is an allegory on human nature, as well as an intriguing and entertaining narrative. It seeks to examine questions of individual and social development, as well as the fears that keep us within our shadows. Through stories, characters, spoken tales, The Citadel explores the grander questions that exist on both a personal level as well as within our societies.

The Citadel has been described as “a delightful and intriguing mix of Herman Hesse and Isaac Asimov” (by John Tintera, VP of Sales & Publicity at Watkins Media)

The people of C-T live within the shadows of a great Citadel. It protects them from the blazing heat of the two suns that move across the skies overhead. To survive they must live, work, and move amongst the shadows cast by the tall walls of the Citadel. The avenues of C-T have been constructed in layers of neighborhoods around the mysterious edifice that towers above them from the center of their lives. Life in C-T is highly regulated and is organized through specialized guilds. As the nameless young narrator moves amongst the members of these guilds – the Calligrapher; the Smithy; the Scholar; the Philosopher; the Money-Lender, etc, we learn indirectly about peoples’ lives, attitudes, and understanding. Yet most of all, we look through the peoples’ eyes as they try to fathom the great mystery of the Citadel. Yet at the very end of the journey, we learn a surprising truth. Until then – the secret protects itself…as it has always protected itself.

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At the heart of The Foundation lies a community. It is a community of knowledge. It is also an enigma. Set within a seemingly controlled environment, the narrator is given contact with those who can help her develop her own understanding. From time spent amongst those of the Foundation, the narrator learns more about the true nature of the Citadel, her civilization, and of life on the planet. Through the narrator’s experiences we also learn about the aims and objectives of the mysterious Foundation. We come to know of the ‘bigger picture,’…and the impulses behind life in the cosmos.
We were never alone – we just didn’t realize how connected we truly were

The Foundation is more than a narrative – it is a journey within the mind of the reader

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Reader’s Reviews of the book:

A delightful and intriguing allegory 23 April 2015 by Roman

With this new book, Kingsley L. Dennis continues his exploration of our modern society previously described in “Meeting Monroe”. “The Citadel” is a delightful and intriguing allegory about a search for the meaning of life. A young and eager narrator visits various representatives of a very structured and organized society. Among the narrator’s hosts are the Scholar, the Banker, the Philosopher, and others. By listening to their experiences, the narrator gradually discovers the secret that protects itself; the secret that is beyond the reach of scholars, philosophers, or bankers. The book is an excellent reading for everyone.

A classic modern fable to love 4 May 2015

The Citadel, the first book in a trilogy, is a well crafted tale that draws you in with every expression that appears on the page. It seems that not a word is wasted and every sentence is filled with rich allegorical images, each with its learning and meaning. The author does a great job of teasing you through the book, peaking your curiosity at the turn of each page, only to leave you hungering for more at the very end, which really is just the beginning. The book is a direct reflection of the lost and meaningless lives many of us are leading today, but also is a clarion call for us to awake and seek out our journey from the known to the unknown, before the ‘suns set’.

Waiting with great anticipation for Book 2!

A wonderful metaphor 20 May 2015 by sethr

An easy to read, beautiful little story that is a metaphor for the true human condition. I enjoyed it thoroughly!