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Arcos Tower
Old Doorways
Reflecting Leaves
Winding Stairs

Alhambra Rose

A Window Onto Morocco

Meknes Portal

Dyes of Fez

Pickles of Marrakech

Desert Middle Morocco

Moroccan Sunset (Asilah)

Waterfall (Chile)

End of the Road (Chile)

Lake Sunset (Argentina)

Water Hole in Mallorca

Grave of Robert Graves (Deia, Mallorca)

Sacre Coeur – Paris

Terrace of Sacre Coeur – Paris

Pantheon – Paris

Gargoyle of Notre-Dame (The Thinker)

Gargole of Notre-Dame


San Sebastian Harbour

Buildings Converge in the Dying Sun of San Sebastián

Amusements at the edge of… the world?

Decaying Amusements

Santander Swimmer

Window onto Isle of Mull

Fish School (Valencia)

Fish Face

Modern Side of Valencia

The Eye Explodes (Valencia)

Lisbon Lit Up

The Church of the Sun (Sergovia)

Shimmers in Water (Netherlands)
Soviet TV Tower (Tallin, Estonia)