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One day, unexpectedly, the author meets an unusual person whom he simply comes to know as ‘Monroe’. A series of extraordinary meetings then begin to take place in a small town in Andalusia, southern Spain. Over the course of several intense weeks the author, himself already a respected writer, comes to understand through Monroe that humanity is on the cusp of a remarkable stage in its evolutionary journey. In the author’s own words:

  “It is difficult to clearly express what happened to me over the period of several weeks. It was both an intense and a surreal experience. Even thinking about it now has me at a loss to give any credible explanation. It is probably best that I don’t try to define or categorize what, in effect, was a series of startling and profound encounters. I have a feeling deep within that my meeting with the ‘person’ I came to know as Monroe was not an accident. Such encounters in life are rarely accidents; they are placed upon our paths for us to make the best from them – and to learn what they had to offer us. If it’s one thing that Monroe has taught me it’s that we are all blinded by our false systems of thought: beliefs, assumptions, opinions, etc. We create our own barriers to understanding, and we reinforce these limitations throughout our lives.”

 What follows in this remarkable, understated book may seem unbelievable, even fanciful. Yet, as the author himself questions: perhaps that is the whole point?

Reader’s Reviews of the book:

‘This was an amazing encounter with true wisdom. It embraces so much of the esoteric teaching and more. It was a good decision to publish this for those who have ears to listen. I read the whole book this afternoon and couldn’t put it down.’

Many thanks for sharing,

Nancy Roof, Editor of Kosmos Journal

This is a remarkable story of the author’s unique experience, but is filled with true authentic esoteric wisdom that has been hidden in recent times until now. The insight in this book is very deep, and will leave you with a “conscious buzz” for some time. If these topics are new to you then this book may be a paradigm-shattering experience. Deepest ancient truth is contained here.

This author is one of the few sharing hidden diamonds of wisdom from what seems to be true authentic esoteric traditions. He does so in a surprisingly fresh way, and is not difficult to read. There is a deep well of wisdom here. Know the truth.

Ard Rell on October 30, 2013

Wonderful book, offering insights that left me wishing I had my own Monroe to converse with. Everyone should read this book. It is a modern day version of Illusions by Richard Bach, only much more complex and geared for the level of knowledge we have today. I couldn’t put it down.

brig on November 5

“Meeting Monroe” by Kingsley L. Dennis is one of those books that happen only at certain times and certain places. And this makes them so special and valuable. The book is a record of the author’s several meetings with Monroe, i.e., a Man who came to Earth to deliver a specific message. In literature there are many records of meetings with men like Monroe. They appeared under various shapes and delivered their messages in various forms. But Monroe is not one of those shining spiritual figure gliding softly on sandals and draped in crinkle-free robe. Monroe is smartly dressed in white slacks, immaculate white shirt, and a Panama hat. He enjoys cold beer with a plate of oven-cooked wild boar. His message is embedded within the frameworks of exact science and illustrative history. Exact science places the importance on the right time, the right place, and the right people. Ordinary, or incomplete science, limits its findings to the lowest common denominator, i.e., experimental data is accepted only if it may be repeated by any fool, anywhere and at any time. Illustrative history analyses the various stages of the evolution of the human mind; whereas ordinary history is concerned with the succession of social groupings based upon consensual ideologies and worldviews. By using the frameworks of exact science and illustrative history, Monroe is able to bridge the meaning of the cave drawings at Lascaux and Chauvet with lyrics of Al Stewart, a Scottish singer-songwriter and folk-rock musician. Or, in one sentence, to resolve the conflict between creationism and Darwinism. Monroe, however, does not attempt to explain everything. This is not the purpose of his visit. He is more like a gardener who comes to tender his garden, making sure that everything is in order and leaving a list of tasks to be done. The past records of such encounters indicate that there is a possibility of another appearance of Monroe. My guess is that it may happen, depending on the effect of his previous visit. If his message is effectively digested, then his coming back would be justified. In other words, now it is up to the readers to use the information that Kingsley Dennis so courageously provided.

Roman (in Montreal) on November 10, 2013

Let go of assumptions and listen, for this book and the ideas it contain are guiding the way and provide a glimpse of a view from ‘outside’ which we are ordinarily unable to hang onto for very long. The author conveys the true situation through these encounters. You may not credit it, but it’s all true whether you believe he met the mysterious Monroe or not, like any good fairy story.

 S.Hewitt on 3 Nov 2013