THE WILL TO PURPOSE (Pt.2): Activating the Metaphysical Inner Drive

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When someone’s ideas begin to provide a less-than-adequate support for his sense of individual integrity and group cohesion, we get a reshaping of them around a new or improved concept: again, if he or she is not psychologically autonomous.Idries Shah, A Perfumed Scorpion In the preceding essay,[i] I talked about how an effort is required – [...]

Illusion & Truth: The Disintegration of Metaphysical Values

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“Yes, the world is an illusion. But Truth is always being shown there.” Idries Shah, The Dermis Probe.   It seems that we can talk about consciousness and consciousness studies so long as it remains within the ‘reality remit’ and does not push against the ‘barriers of perception.’ This is why so much of our modern [...]

The Natives are Restless: Life in the Existential Zone

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‘As the interpretation of reality by the power structure, ideology is always subordinated ultimately to the interests of the structure. Therefore, it has a natural tendency to disengage itself from reality, to create a world of appearances, to become ritual.’ Vaclav Havel - The Power of the Powerless    There is little sense in [...]

THE WILL TO PURPOSE: Activating our Inner Drive & Intentionality

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‘A sincere reflection on human behavior is enough to convince us that the power of choice plays much less part in the life of man than we think.’ J.G. Bennett   We are familiar with the concept that a person has no real choice, and we generally regard this in relation to our commercial [...]

EXTENDED REALITY (XR): How the Metaverse could become the New Containment Field for Humanity

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“The metaverse is going to be far more pervasive and powerful than anything else. If one central company gains control of this, they will become more powerful than any government and be a god on Earth.” Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games   There’s a race on to become the next god on Earth – [...]

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Moving Past the Threshold (Understanding These Critical Times)

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We are moving into significant times, and I feel it will be critical how we come to understand and perceive what is to come. How we frame the external ‘happenings’ that continue to erupt across the world will decide how we respond and cope with the effects. A few days ago, I posted a [...]

Life…in Reversal

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‘We must distinguish between real change and fictitious change. The change that comes from without, from externally imposed training and discipline, is fictitious…Real change comes from within, by conscious work intentionally performed by the being himself.’ J.G. Bennett   It is increasingly difficult in these times to speak of ‘non-verifiable’ or unprovable matters, especially [...]

The Realm of Caesar & The Realm of Spirit

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It is time to consider how to cultivate a right relation to the things of this world. That is, we should recognize that there are conditions specific to our physical existence – to matter-reality – that may not need apply to our existence as a human being if we can cultivate a particular inner [...]

Re-Wiring for the Foundations of a New World

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‘You are the foundation in which a new world needs to be built upon – each and every one of you are a part of this foundation.’ ABE   There have always been individuals among the population that exhibit a higher resonance, and this enables them, whether they are conscious of it or not, to [...]

The Hidden Forces of Life

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For my consciousness the whole life upon earth, including the human life and all its mentality, is a mass of vibrations, mostly vibrations of falsehood, ignorance and disorder, in which are more and more at work vibrations of Truth and Harmony coming from the higher regions and pushing their way through the resistance. The [...]

unconscious becoming conscious: understanding the nature of negative forces

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‘What people of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch must learn to recognise is the fully conscious struggle against the evil rising up in the evolution of humanity.’ Rudolf Steiner, 18 November 1917   According to Austrian metaphysician Rudolf Steiner, the task of humanity in this epoch is to comprehend the relation of good and evil; especially, [...]

REVIVAL OR RECKONING: Allowing for Future Pathways

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‘Humanity needs to take up that which flows down from the spiritual heights into earthly life. It can be rejected. If it is rejected there then ceases for those people who have rejected it the possibility of human progress, of cultural progress, of human civilization, and the further development of humanity will have to [...]

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