Neo-nihilismo y transmutación

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«Sí, el mundo es una ilusión, pero la Verdad siempre se muestra en él» ~ Idries Shah, The Dermis Probe. El mundo de las apariencias lleva mucho tiempo gestándose; mucho más que los zeitgeist[i] pasajeros de las diversas ideologías. Solo que, en cada época, esas apariencias adoptan determinadas formas. Y, sin embargo, cuanto más alejada [...]

Chaotic Nodes & Catalysts (forces of decline & order)

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‘What is old and outlived is not willing to give way, and tries to prolong its anachronistic  existence by various illegitimate means. Thus destructive forces arise within civilization and culture; forces of decline and disintegration.’ G.A. Bondarev   It comes as no surprise to learn that there are forces and players that wish to place [...]

Nodos caóticos y catalizadores (fuerzas de decadencia y orden)

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«Lo viejo y caduco no está dispuesto a ceder e intenta prolongar su existencia anacrónica por diversos medios ilegítimos. Así surgen fuerzas destructivas dentro de la civilización y la cultura; fuerzas de decadencia y desintegración» ~ G.A. Bondarev No resulta sorprendente constatar que existen fuerzas y actores que desean situar a toda la Tierra, [...]

The Raising of Conscious Energy

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To all intents and purposes, it would seem that humanity, life on this planet, and the planet itself, have a timeline in which to accomplish evolutionary goals in alignment with larger cosmic cycles. According to various investigations into earth cataclysms, there are regular intervals where great upheaval is experienced upon the earth, often accompanied by [...]

El incremento de la energía consciente

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A todos los efectos, parecería que la humanidad, la vida en este planeta y el planeta mismo tienen una línea temporal en la cual alcanzar objetivos evolutivos alineados con ciclos cósmicos más amplios. Según diversas investigaciones sobre cataclismos terrestres, a intervalos regulares se experimentan grandes conmociones en la Tierra, a menudo acompañadas de una inversión [...]

The Unreal Machine (7) – The Threshold

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Humanity stands at the threshold between two paths. There is a considerable risk of falling prey to the mechanical impulse and being incorporated into a dense, technologized world of control, surveillance, and restricted freedoms. This would paradoxically become a sub-natural world of super-technology and ‘intelligent’ machines. Yet it would be a realm dominated by the [...]

The Unreal Machine (6) – The Unveiling of Spirit-Consciousness

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‘Humanity urgently needs to become aware that a spiritual world is working down into every detail of existence in the physical world.’ Rudolf Steiner   As the last few essays in this series have indicated, there is the growing presence of entropic, or counter-evolutionary, forces within humanity. And these forces have been gaining dominance in [...]

The Unreal Machine (5) – The Eighth Sphere

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Now here’s an interesting little story that erupted in the occult world in the final years of the nineteenth century. In 1893, a series of lectures were given to a group of individuals who were known as the Berean Society. These lectures were given by C.G. Harrison, a deeply learned initiate, as well as a [...]

The Unreal Machine (4) – Recognition of the Counterforces

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‘Humanity had to go to sleep spiritually so that spirituality could reappear in a new form.’ Rudolf Steiner   It is increasingly difficult in these times to speak of truthful matters, especially in relation to spirit-consciousness, for people are increasingly subjected to false beliefs and thinking patterns. This is itself a sign of social conditioning [...]

The Unreal Machine (3) – Bright Light, Deep Shadows

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Where there is bright light, there are deep shadows. Old Saying   It should be recognized that this current state of ‘inverted reality’ is a phase, and as such it has to be worked through. We cannot avoid the fact that we first have to learn how to live amongst these entropic forces before we [...]

The Unreal Machine (2): Evolution Interrupted

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“Do not fear those who can kill the body but not soul. Rather be afraid of him who can destroy both soul and body in the life after death.” Gospel of Matthew 10-28   I have described the machinic impulse as a force that is accelerating the automation of the human being and of life [...]

The Unreal Machine (1): Deadly Enchantment

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One of the most world-changing technological discoveries of our recent era has been that of electricity. The word electricity first entered the English language in a 1650 translation of a treatise on the healing properties of magnets by Jan Baptist van Helmont, a Flemish physician and Rosicrucian who worked on the borderline between natural magic [...]

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