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We all too easily adopt relative truths and sanctify them as idols. This lack of perception effectively blocks access for the appearance and application of absolute, objective truths.

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Each person should decide for themselves if they are actively looking for intellectual and emotional stimulus. If so, then such things can be found – indeed, are offered – all around us. Yet they may have little or no developmental value.

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Most people want to learn, yet only in a manner laid down by them – or in a way that is emotionally satisfying to them.

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We continually hear calls for us to ‘wake up’; that humanity is ‘asleep’, etc – yet seldom are we told that once awake we need to have the means to profit from this wakefulness. Such preparation is as much important as the waking itself.

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To fully develop as a human being, we are called upon to focus on its primary manifestation: the evolutionary imperative within each of us to develop our conscious self.

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It is important that a person acquires the ability to correctly assess or measure: i) what they need; ii) how to go about achieving it; iii) what is true; and iv) what is false. Many people falsely believe they know all of these things, when in fact it is usually the case that these things [...]

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The meaning of humanity can be said to be evolutionary. Each person has the capacity to ‘polish the connection’ between themselves and a living, energetic universe.

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We need 'Inspiration Agents' to remind us of where we need to be heading - to prod us when we fall asleep on the way; to show us signs of the Great Capacity we hold within ourselves. To show compassion when we think we are failing; to give a hand when we stumble - to [...]

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Human dreams can exercise great power, yet they must have focused intention if they are to manifest and exert influence in the physical world. We should be mindful of how each day brings new impacts, emotions and learning opportunities.

By |2012-04-09T10:59:10+01:00April 9th, 2012|Thought of the day|

Our internal state is a measure of our own strength, forbearance and fortitude. We need to cultivate this focus, this ability for calmness within change and adversity, in order to manage our maturity into the next phase of our evolutionary development.

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