New Consciousness for a New World

Published by Inner Traditions (2011)

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A call for a paradigm shift in human thinking in recognition of the interconnectedness of all things—a new mind for a new world

• Explains how the instability of our current time is part of a larger cycle of human evolution that will soon turn toward renewal and regeneration

• Explains how to participate in the process of conscious evolution to maintain resilience during these transitional times

• Examines new findings in quantum physics and quantum biology on the interconnectivity of all life and how to utilize this for conscious evolution

For centuries, indigenous wisdom traditions have talked of an epochal shift on the horizon, of a spiritual renaissance for the earth and her living family. Now the timelines are converging and the potential for an energetic “upgrade” for humanity is here, but first we must survive and evolve through the current period of transition.

Explaining that evolution is not a gradual process but more like a “shock to the system”—radical waves of transformation after a period of dormancy—author Kingsley Dennis reveals that we are currently undergoing an evolutionary leap and shows not only how to survive but also thrive in this period of global upheaval and change. Examining the nature of evolutionary cycles, he explains that the instability we are now experiencing—climate change, economic meltdowns, and increasing political polarization—is the convergence of complex systems that have reached a critical state. What we need in order to push through to the coming spiritual renaissance is a paradigm shift in human thinking and perception, a conscious evolution in recognition of the interconnectedness of all things—a new mind for a new world. Examining new findings in quantum physics and quantum biology on the interconnectivity of all life as well as opportunities for us to reawaken our slumbering souls and evolve consciously, this book offers a glimpse of the new global society to come, a renewed humanity for the 21st century, and how we can each participate during the process of planetary transformation.

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Újfajta tudatossággal kell átlépnünk az új világba. Gondolkodásunk jelenlegi színvonala ugyanis nem alkalmas arra, hogy a megújulás és újjászületés korába vezessen bennünket.

Nagy változások vannak készülőben, és ezek mind nyilvánvalóbban érintik életünk folyását. Földünk a szó szoros értelmében reng és rázkódik. A világot uraló rendszer épülete minden eresztékében recseg-ropog. Oda a jövő biztonsága, a rend és a stabilitás, és képtelenséggel határos hiedelmek és vélekedések ütik fel a fejüket. Vészesen közel jutottunk ahhoz, hogy a felborult egyensúly soha többé ne álljon helyre. E sorsdöntő pillanat ugyanakkor az átalakulás hatalmas lehetőségeit is magában hordozza.
Tetszik vagy sem, a változás itt van a nyakunkon. Tény és való, hogy a legtöbben ódzkodunk a változástól, hiszen az ismeretlen, és bajok forrása lehet. Márpedig amit nem értünk, attól tartunk is, borzongatóvá nagyítjuk. Az hát az érdekünk, hogy a könyv segítségével tisztázzuk, miről is van szó tulajdonképpen, hogyan érint ez bennünket, és mit szándékozunk tenni. A fejlődésnek valójában soha nincs vége: minden átmenet átvezet a következőbe. Nincs tehát itt a világvége, hiába kárognak a vészmadarak.


– New Consciousness for a New World is a penetrating exploration of the potential for a new human civilization and consciousness to blossom during this time of profound global transition – Duane Elgin, author of The Living Universe and Voluntary Simplicity

– It is difficult to write a Foreword to a book with which one agrees—one is tempted to keep saying yes, yes, that’s right, it is the way it is. This is such a book… To my mind the key point here is the coming of a “worldshift”: not as a “perhaps” or an “if,” but as an event that will come our way without question, well within the lifetime of most of us… The author offers vital compass points for orienting our thinking, so as to help make the tipping point into an overture for global breakthrough rather than the prelude to worldwide breakdown.’ – Ervin Laszlo, prolific author and two-times nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize

– Timely, powerful, inspirational and tremendously relevant. – Alexander Lazslo, Director of Publications and Evolutionary Learning at Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University

– In a nutshell, New Consciousness for a New World looks at how the evolution of consciousness, that is, the long ascent of species transformation that manifests within vast and complex systems and mechanisms, periodically experiences a confluence of events which incurs leaps of evolution, epochal moments when flux and chaos signal an imminent reorder. Dennis peers deeply into the disturbances and convergences currently shaping our natural world and social realities…He provides compelling insight and reasoning to understanding these larger movements and how they are relevant to us individually and collectively…Dennis has provided a great service by turning his considered and considerable attention to illuminating the way forward for humanity’s evolutionary journey. – New Consciousness Review

– Rarely does a book resonate with me as much as this one has – I’m restarting at page 1 today! If you want to get out of your comfort zone, embrace the new worldview and start moving away from the old paradigm I suggest that you read this book. There, I said it! – Andy Greening, Director at The Tranquility Project

– Dr. Dennis writes comprehensively of what he terms the `spiral of cultural history’ with an extensive overview of the nature of evolutionary cycles, paradigm shifts, planetary transformation, quantum physics, quantum biology and the interconnectivity of all life–all of which he does from the informed stance of the sociologist…As I read, and reread, this densely packed book, with its close inspection of the oldest, deepest and most currently prevalent and historically observable cycles in what we might call the universe–the thought that these are CYCLES is comforting! – Barbara Smith Stoff, co-author of Conscious Evolution: The Dance of Intuition and Intellect

– New Consciousness for a New World is a light in a dark room. The knowledge of the author is so broad, he reaches holistically all level’s in life – so the book is really genius – as it really connect’s the dot’s! It is scientific and mystical, contains information about the latest technology’s which are highly influencing our way of living, and also introduces the ancient knowledge of the indigenous elders…The most beautiful about his book I think is that it not only offers informations about what happened before and what is the situation now, it offers solution in many areas in life for the future…I recommend this book for all, who feel the urge to participate in our big shift…’ – Ibolya Kapta, Eso-Guru TV

– I found Kingsley Dennis’s book exhilarating: everything you want to know about what is going on in the World, how to prepare for a new paradigm and how to secure a ‘breakthrough’ rather than a ‘breakdown’. Crystal clear information on the whole spectrum of necessary knowledge, from ancient wisdom to contemporary research, from self-farming to mind control, from quantum biology to spiritual enlightenment. An essential guide book for an evolutionary journey into our future.Pure energy – Caroline Van Den Bosch, Psychologist