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The Sacred Revival describes the search to fulfil one of humanity's greatest needs―a connection with the transcendent. Now a new phase of development is emerging, a revival of an evolutionary, participatory-style consciousness. The Sacred Revival examines some of the sacred manifestations of this unfolding epoch within social memes, popular culture, and revised projections of myth and magic. As we step further toward a decentralized and networked civilization where tangible technologies morph into intangible connections, author Kingsley Dennis discusses how each individual can act as a conscious agent in order to manifest their own sense of a sacred self, and how to influence and be a part of the grander sacred order. The Sacred Revival is an inspiring, thought-provoking, and forward-thinking examination of social, cultural, and personal development that is part of the newly unfolding era.

The Sacred Revival describes how the modern mind is reenchanting the world as it recognizes the major potential for growth and exploration in humanity.