Book Cover:

Bardo Times takes the reader on a journey through some of the quirks, memes, issues, and twisted logic prevalent in our modern cultures. Foremost is the ‘entertainmentification’ of everything - from news and politics to science and truth. In the bardo state, our lives become hyperreal, high-velocity, a spectacle, a phantom, a performance. New industries evolve to help ‘program’ the emerging myth into our reality - perception management, pop spirituality, fear manipulators, algorithm makers, automation engineers, and the spinners of Gnostic cinematic memes. Like most journeys, there is discomfort and uncertainty, and yet there is safety at the far shores. Bardo Times explains that it is people who make the ultimate difference, and that the mutation underway in our technological societies may ultimately push us to question and understand the nature of our essential humanity. The alternative would be a permanent state of neuro-totalitarianism.

The future is open.

Bardo Times is a haunting exploration of a world that nobody has a hang of – yet.************

What Readers have said:

• ‘The most important book since the Jellyroll Manifesto. If this book doesn’t hit you like a juggernaut, then neither will a juggernaut.’ – Joshua Lemonhead, ex-philosopher.

•‘After reading this remarkable, lucid book, my whole world changed. Never will I be the same again. These powerful thoughts convinced me to take a vow of silence. I haven’t spoken since I finished the book. My husband isn’t very happy though.’ – Dandelion Jones, Kentucky.

•‘The world is a fake, and this book explains why. It opened my eyes to dark corners. I always thought I was an intelligent person. Now I know I was being delusional. Thank you Bardo Times for bringing me down to earth. I’ve since quit my job as an investment banker for a better future.’ – Duncan Splat, Gravedigger.