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Teresa arrives to the Azafran Home for Girls as a five-year-old orphan. Yet as Teresa soon learns, the Azafran Home is no ordinary orphanage for girls. For one thing, apart from weekly yoga classes and special talks given by the matriarch La Madre, the major activity at the orphanage is the planting and growing of saffron flowers and the collection of its delicate spice. And the girls need to be made ready for when the time comes for the harvesting of the saffron spice. As Teresa develops a stronger bond and relationship with La Madre, she suspects that there is more to the Azafran Home for Girls than just picking flowers.

The Saffron Collectors is much more than a story about an orphanage for girls run by the enigmatic figure of La Madre and her fellow Madams. It is more than about the life of Teresa growing up in a new and strange environment. It is about preparing the world for something special, and it begins with the heart and soul of a young girl. Above all, it is about…

A World where Transformation is Contagious