Questions of Our Time

A Documentary series which explores the theme of the psychological context of being in a huge global social experiment and asks whether a ‘Be’ culture is possible within our increasingly authoritarian societies.

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Are we living with a ‘fear of freedom’?

In this critical moment, we are to decide what direction we wish to take our lives.

Consensus Reality Meltdown

4 Part Video Series

from early 2020

Author Kingsley L. Dennis discusses his perspective for the year ahead. Originally written at the end of 2019 to be used in a publication for people’s thoughts on how 2020 may unfold – Kingsley outlined how he considered there would arise a dissonance within the collective ‘consensus reality’ that would shake peoples’ beliefs and perspectives on their worldview. The picture and sense of reality would become less solid, fluid even, as our protected bubbles of perception start to melt.

“It is crucial that each person employ their critical thinking rather than jumping into unconscious action. In these times, we need to transcend our polarities and manufactured differences.”

Kingsley L. Dennis

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The Most Wondrous Lighthouse of Strange Delights

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Una nueva realidad:

el despertar de la consciencia

Interrogantes de nuestro tiempo

En estos momentos, ¿no se trata de «frenar el flujo de pensamientos», –es decir, de nuestra programación habitual– para entrar en un periodo de autoobservación?